Going on Leave

Ha ha ha ha ha! I am taking leave tomorrow to help Loctor in getting his errands done. After that, heh, I am going to show him around KL. I just hope he likes to eat at Kim Gary.............

On Saturday, well, there will be more (clean & healthy) activities for this poor Loctor to come.

Polar Lights 1/350 Enterprise Model Kit

Sometimes, I 'd have to ask myself why I'd stay up until 3AM in the morning just for my hobby. Yeah, I can't answer that too.
Anyway, I was at my friend's house who just took delivery of the Polar Lights's 1/350 scale model kit of the Enterprise 1701-A. Its not a big deal until you realise the following facts:

1) 1/350 for that model is close to nearly a metre when completed. Which is huge!
2) Its one of the most accurate model to date which means you (or other anal retentive modellers) do not have to search for third-party accurizing parts
3) It can be a very nice coffee table piece (for those who are looking for Star Trek females)
4) For those who love Electronics, this is a big challenge for lighting it up
5) For those who love spray painting, you'd go nuts after a few months. Ha ha

This is Marvel Legends Wolverine, which I loved to bits

The Model Kit is here! Just click on the picture