Friends for Lunch

You know, its fun to have lunch together with your friends. Even more so when you have not seen his ugly mug for ages. So, after deciding the perfect spot, there is the problem of money.

Yep. Its the now all too familiar scene of everyone fighting to pay for the whole meal. Some do it because:

1) Shows he is the better person
2) Shows he is well off
3) So that you "owe" him the next time
4) There is a prawn hiding somewhere
5) He actually really really likes you
6) Because he wants to
7) Well, I don't know. Everyone's doing it

So, the typical scene would be like this

Him: Its my treat
You: No, no, its mine
Him: You paid the last time
You: Nope you did
Him: I pay, its just a small sum
You: No, I pay
Him: I pay
You: No, I pay
Him: I pay
You: No, I pay
Him: I pay

{Reverse psychology}

You: OK, you pay, then
Him: Er, I forgot my wallet, can you pay for me? I'll pay you back next time

(OK, I made that last part up. Because there won't be a next time. Ha. Ha.)

But in reality, its always like that. People just want to treat their friends or clients, etc. Some do it just for, you know, being nice, some with ulterior motives and some just for business.

But there is a difference when paying for a large group of people. In reality, the more friends you have, the person who pays for that meal, usually gets back more in the end. And no one would refuse to pay because the rest are already going for their wallets/purses. Really.

Friend: Haiya, everyone RM18.90, ah? Here, I give you RM20 la. No need to change.
You: (Smiling silently because you have 10 friends. So you got enough for a Movie ticket and a Subsidised trip to the Premium Toilet at Suria KLCC)

But for me, I am always the slowest to reach for my Wallet. Heh. Its always the case that when I was eating, all of a sudden, the guy would slap the moolah on the waiter's hand/dish. And I was like, "Huh?". Missed the chance, boyo