How much do you love.....

How much do you love your Winnie?
(Her Winnie the Pooh soft toy)

No, that is not how much but how tall.

Oh, I see. You love your Winnie this much

Why I cannot drive my Satria

Drove it for the weekend. Left the
keys in the rain for four days. Now,
it shorting out. Damn. Its the (one
and only) last spare.

[Update 28032009]
OK, its dry now, all it needs is a new battery. I think I am going to drive the car tomorrow and see how it is.

RS Catalogue 2009

Hooray! This came in through the post! Now I
can have something to read and see new stuff!
But this would also mean its a reminder for me
to go down to Farnell to beg for a copy of their
catalogues. I hate this because its very hard to
get them, what with all their requirements of
needing you to register your company and so
on. I have to do this almost every year as their
reps resigns faster than I can go through a box
of invisible condoms.