Krsitine and the Lantern Part II

When I came back, the lantern was still there but
she was more interested with the candles

Driving the Van Part Four

[This was a draft] 23.08.2008
So I am too lazy to read part tree and to continue the story but to going afresh for this outdated post.

The most worrying past about driving the van or any vehicle of this sort is the fuel consumption. Since I am living so far away from the office, I can roughly say that the tolls and petrol alone for going and coming back from the office is quite substantial.

Anyway, for RM30, I can get about 180KM on average. If I become even more lightfooted, I might be able to get another 10km. But that is not the point. Every litre I saved, usually ends up wasted in a traffic jam or taking in more stuff at the back, nevermind passengers. Just a simple one hour bumper to bumper is enough to whack the fuel consumption.

But I think, there is a trick to driving the van. Maybe it has something to do with inertia. Once you start to move off, stress as much as you can on the first gear (without peddling to the metal) and then with each subsequent gear, lightly tap on the pedal. But this does not work if you're startin gon a slope or going up a slope. Because once you do not have the momentum, going up a small slope can lose you about 20KmH.

There is another solution, which is to invest in RM3000 to Rm4000 for a NGV system where a full tank of about RM10 can take you the same distance of 180KM. But the problem is, who is going to pay for it and how am I going to justify the loss of space in the van just to contain those fart gas which I would have to wait in a long queue with other taxi drivers?

Woo hoo! 198KM!

Go faster!

Yeah, baby! Go faster!
This is one of those funky spoilers I saw at Brothers
years back. These are the one with two small jet
engines under the wings. Ha ha ha hah a