Hitting too close to home

A few minutes ago, bangkokboi called and told me that he was laid off on Thursday. Now, he is in Cineleisure, looking at toy figurines, contemplating going back to playing PC games with so much free time on his hands now.

And he was laughing.

Home alone

OK. Today is Saturday. And I should be getting used to the routine by now. Yeah, by the time I got back to the house, everyone was gone. Wife's gone to her Sis's house and everyone else was nowhere to be seen.

And so, with nothing for lunch, I can say, I am going to have a great afternoon.
Being home alone is nothing new to me. When I was a bachelor, I was free to do whatever I wanted; from surfing the Internet to reading comics to playing the Playstation to just well, zone out on the DVDs. But now, its different. Right on automatic, the first thing was to clear/pick-up the clothes, clear the floor of sharp food debris, etc. and also, make sure there is enough ice cubes & fresh boiled water for the night.

Once that is done, it was time to raid the fridge and the kitchen for raw material. And so, Ladies and Gentlemen, its time for one of my famous University bachelor recipes, or in other words, spontaneous cooking.
Step one:
1) Look for some instant noodles and make sure you read their expiry dates. Any noodle not in their best colour or have tints of moudly green is not good for eating.
2) Using the palm of your hand, press against your stomach. If it feels like there is a great void, then you'd have to get two packs of instant noodles. But if your butt feels painful instead, this means you have some unfinished business at the toilet.
3) Fill a pot about 3/4 full of water, and bring it to boil. Oh, you can cover it with a lid to make it boil faster too.
4) Open the two packets of noodles and dump them into the pot. It does not matter if the noodles are going to be chicken flavoured or curried lamd chops as the flavourings are inside the small silver packs which, you can keep or store for other occasions.

Step two: 1) Put in two teaspoon-full of chicken stock plus some pepper and stir
2) Put in an egg as well but make sure you discard the shells first.
3) Stir everything and let it boil a bit until you either smell something burning or noticed the soups all disappeared.
4) Quickly raid the fridge for some crispy vegetables. Or you can cut some onions instead. If you spot some meat in there, make sure its cooked as at this stage, there is not enough time to cook anything else apart from burnt noodles.
Step three:
1) Find a suitable dish which is deep enough to store some of the soup that has not been boiled off. You can now add some garnish such as crispy crackers, corn flakes, tuna flakes, chocolates or just plain old prawn chili sauce. I would not advise on putting ice-cream at this stage though.
2) Add even more chili sauce.
3) In case you spot some different chilic sauce, you can also add them in.

[Update: 4 hours later and counting]
Ohh......... God! This is my sixth time to the toilet and my bung hole hurts!

System relocation @ Golden Triangle Part II

On the second day, which is a Saturday, we still have one more day before the customer actually start moving. And so, today, with all the phone and data cables ready, our job is to prepare for the electrical cables. Its not easy as it seemed because these cables would be used to power at least ten tables. And so, we had to get the power directly from the main fusebox and nowhere else. No short cuts here, such as tapping from the nearest power point or else there would be problems.

Luckily I told them to take everything back the night
before as by the time we arrived, there were another
crew polishing the tiles and it was wet everywhere.

Full force today, since it was a Saturday and there's not
much customers to visit. There is also a reason why:
electrical cables were tough and not flexbile. So,
its difficult
to get them to where we want them to be.

Also, the conduits were jam packed with other cables as well.

Some shots from my Nokia 5800 as my Nikon D50 was
kept in the customer's office. If I delayed this for a few
more minutes, the clouds would have moved.

I do not know why I was so intrigued with the moving
algae in the pond on the first day.....