Fajar No more

I was just passing by Damansara Uptown today and notice that the Fajar Supermarket has closed down. I think it was there since the mid-nineties, which could be about 10 years already. So, in Damansara uptown, there is no more Supermarkets. The nearest would be in SS2 or 1-Utama. Yet, the parking bays in front are still full.

They're clearing everything
The signs says furniture and stuff for sale

A corner lot, I wonder what it will become?

Weird Dreams IV

My calf still hurts.

It just happened this morning when Kristine woke up suddenly and startled me. In the hast o wake my body up, I over stretched and ended up with a cramp. (OK, the air-con was blowing onto my legs after I kicked the blacket away during mid-sleep)

By the time we got her to sleep again, I found myself being led into a schoolbus in London. Yeah, I am the Bus Driver. Unfortunately, I do not know how to navigate the streets nor know each student's house address. Also, the bus seemed quite high too, as high as a double decker but with only one deck, which is at the top. So, I just drove around like a blur sotong. We ended up driving the wrong way in a one way street, in narrow alleys and even got stuck the mud. All the while, I was talking loudly and brashly to the students to keep them from being afraid since it was late in the evening.

When we got stuck in the mud, there was a big bearded fellow, looking like a hippy, came up to the window and mumbled something. I thought he wanted a fight since he was carrying a big wooden plank. After searching for a piece of wood (which was not rotting), I got out to confront him, only to realise that he came to help us as one of the bus's wheels was stuck in the mud.

How his friend cleared that was amazing. He removed the bus's walls (only to reveal three minivans underneath, all bolted together, which explained why there was no space below the double decker bus), and then pushed the minivan to and fro sideways until the wheel got unstuck. Then the dream ended and I woke up.

And I just realised, there are no schoolbuses in UK.