Chilied La-Las

OK, I am also a fan of chicken rice chilies. Not the rice but the chili sauce. This is because they have garlic in them and not only that, they used garlic on the chilies. So, with garlic here and there, I am hooked.

Add some chicken rice garlic chilies to the La-Las and its wonderful

Spicy macaroni & Fish

There is one malay stall in Wisma Cosway which I like to frequent when I was working in the old company. This was because they cook a mean spicy macaroni and some other tid-bits (chili potatoes, chili tempeis and so on) which I loved. So, whenever I was there, I would go for their stall. But ever since I lunched at Wagons... its Mee Jawa all the way too...

As a special treat today, I got some fish too

Don't ask me what kind of fish it is. All I know is that its cooked and its delicious.