HotWheels Obsession

No, this has nothing to do with those ridiculously fast Sportscars with obscene 6-digit price-tags.

It all started in December when I saw them with an irresitible offer of "Buy2 get 1 free" at the new"Toy Wiz" Toy Shop in Amcorp Mall. Four years ago, I only bought them when I had the time and money (if I was not splurging them on my failed electronic prototypes that does nothing but gives out smoke) . And unfortunately for me, the price has gone up to RM4.90 too.

Still, (RM4.90 x 2 = RM9.80 = 3 cars) it was too irresistible. Still, I decided to look at the windows where they displayed some "samples". Bad mistake.

ME: These cars are very different.
TW: Yes, some might not reach Malaysian shores for a long time.
ME: Really? So, how much for this one?
TW: RM4.00
ME: And this? And this? and that.................
TW: OK, RM10 for three.

So, but the time I left the shop, I got about RM20 worth of HotWheels cars and the Batmobile which I was told, "Might not reach Malaysian shore for some time... ha". If I had my way (and more cash) I would have bought averything and they "Might not reach the whole World for some time".

They are called Acceleracers aka World Race 2. They are different from normal Hotwheels cars due to the transparent wheels that comes in different colours and the rim designs are something what you see from an Enkei catalogue.