The Climb

It was unbelievable but it happened!!!

This evening, as we were at our in-Laws, Krsitine saw the stairs and started to climb them. 2 weeks ago, she has started to prop herself up confidently on the furniture and hang on to them. So, the 5-steps stairs was a new challenge to her. After her first try, and with our encouragement, she tried again with much success.

Then, while we're not looking, she tried again too.

This means we have to watch her very ver closely every second from now.

Kristine climbing the stairs with her own effort
(Mommy was there to make sure she does not fall)

Today is Sunday

After sleeping like a log until 1230 today, the weather outside was not so good due to the Haze. And it was too late to go to 1-Utama or Mid-Valley or anoy other shopping centres as everyone would have the same idea of escaping the Haze. Oh well.

Mom was cooking the acar today. After keeping it for a few days, it will be perfect.
Then we'll add either sesame seeds or crushed roasted peanuts.

After letting me take the photos of the acar, Mom asked me to take some of her flowers