Last night, it was a perfect night for us. Kristine and Kaelynn were shouting and running all over the place and surprisingly, it did not bother us much. Also, I did not scold Kristine that much as well (until I found out she poured glue over my electronics prototype meant for the Phaser Rifle). Come almost bedtime, we convinced Kristine to sleep with us again instead of wetting my Dad's mattress every night. Both girls set aside their differences and played together. Ah, peace....

Kaelynn let her elder sister into the crib without any complains

And they drank their milk together

And they lovingly disturbed each other too

And they also lovingly did a tit-for-tat

Kamen Rider Faiz Pointer

This is the Kamen Rider FAIZ Pointer. Unlike the KAIZA Pointer, it only has one barrel. When you put in the memory mission card into the pointer, the barrel will pop out. Not only that everytime you press the button, the sound coming out from the pointer has nice effects. But if you press the button without the memory mission cards, just like the other devices, the sound is short. On the real Original toys, there are small switches to detect the insertion of the memory mission cards. Also, this one is RM10.00 less than the KAIZA Pointer.

This is the FAIZ Pointer which is a single barrel as
compared to the double barrel KAIZA Pointer

Just like the KAIZA Pointer, when you slot in the
memory mission card, the barrel will pop out.
Reminds me of the Space:1999 comlock

Unlike the KAIZA Pointer which uses spring loaded
plastic to lock the battery cover, this one uses a

You know, it would be nice if someone did a thumbdrive
base on these memory cards. You could glue them onto
your thumbdrive but it would look tacky. And of course
if you lose it, then you can't transform anymore