New glasses

The whole gang is at Mid-Valley today and there is a very specific reason why. Someone is going to get a new pair of glasses. When I was young, I needed to change mine every year as I keep complaining that everything gets blurry very fast. Nowadays, I do not have to worry about this because now, everything is so far away.

I am not sure why we always ended up at this
shop but here we are. As usual, Kristine is up to
her tricks and starts to play with the things there

And also, with that special mirror on the counter,
you can start to read her mind...

In the end, it was Mommy who needs a new pair of glasses since her current one is giving her problems. There were more things in store for the girls when the Sales Staff needed to test Mommy's eyes...

But before that, there was a bit of a bad news
as when Kristine's eyes were tested, the staff
discovered that she'll be needing glasses soon

Now, its Mommy's turn

The sales staff was very patient as she explained
each step to the girls.

After a few minutes, it is really Mommy's turn

Tracking the eyeball...

And bingo! Almost like a video arcade game... *ahem*

After that, it was time for dinner, which we went to 'The Chicken Rice' shop, which is slowly becoming Kristine's favourite right after MacDonalds. But for us, we're not too keen on this place as its very very expensive. Bu then again, if you were to total this up outside an actual Chicken rice shop, the price would be more or less, cheaper. But I am not too sure about the prices if you were to eat there alone.

I forgot why I ordered this but well, it was so-so

The funny thing was they will give your a point
card which you can stamp whenever you eat there.
The funny part was, we keep forgetting to bring
the card and so, we had to walk past the place all
the time, much to Kristine's dismay. Ha ha ha ha!

Kristine's Writing 'Board'

This is a new one for me. Apparently, Kristine's class practices their Chinese writing on this piece of flexible white board. However, after some time, the flexible white board became, um... to flexible and is increasingly creasing. This not only made the whole board dirty but just the notion of using it is very unwelcoming.

And so, we, as parents were given the task to find a replacement board. "You can find it in any bookstore." was the only helpful hint we got from her teacher. So, for the next few days and over the weekend, we went to any bookshop to look for the elusive board. However, as fate would have it, we could not find any bookshop that carries this product. So, in the end, even after looking at some bookshops, we had to give up since Popular does not even have it at all.

This is Krsitine's flexible writing whiteboard.
Yes, it is in a very bad condition. Then again,
it is understandable because it was sandwiched
between books in her school bag.

Even the other side was just as bad.

Feeling a little bit desperate, I hit on a backup
plan, which is to scan the original white board,
clean it up a little, then reprint it and had it

And so, more or less, it worked but because of
the laminating film's non glossy properties, its
not that easy to wipe the whiteboard marker's
ink off.

Kristine accepted it but I am not sure if she is
using it as it looked very different compared to
the original thing.