The trip to East Coast Part II

On the second day, we woke up quite late since I was tired out from all the driving the day before. Anyway, after getting lost (I need a GPS!) for a bit, we finished our job and drove back to KL. Yeah, boring. And my MP3s have repeated themselves a few times.

This toilet really reflected my mood for that morning

On the way back, I decided to stop and take all the photos I missed
[1] This is the beach/waterfront in Terengganu, I think
[2] Maya Karin dressed differently for the Celcom for this state
[3] Towards the evening, the waves were quite strong
[4] Adn when I pointed my camera to the far distance.......rain!

[1] I wanted this photo for a long time.
[2] Club Med.
[3] Lovely Sunset very near to Genting
[4] Traffic jam. Luckily, we're going on the other lane

I am still so tempted to light up my Satria like that