Trip to Genting: Day 3

Today is the final day of our Holiday and so, we finally decided to go up to Genting sans cable Car for one more time before going back home. The ride up was not as enjoyable as I thought because I am still not used to driving a 2.0l Auto. Most of the time, I was revving it at '1' or '2' so that the car drops to a lower gear to get the power. And before I can use it, it went back up. So, by the time we reached the top, the engine was literally smoking. This would never happen if I used my Bengmobile or drive my Wife's car. I know the power is in there somewhere but all the while, I felt as if I was piloting a boat. Yep, I am crap at unlocking this car's power.

The girls posing for me while we
waited for the rest of the Family
to catch up.

Lunch @ Coffee Terrace
We chose to have lunch here because of one main reason: everyone agreed to it except me because I was clueless. But still, it was a nice place. Why they called it Coffee Terrace is beyond me. First, I can't find the coffee and when I did, its just some normal Hotel coffee. And then, the terrace. Well, what can I say? Its lovely! But I wondered why, no one took their coffee out on the terrace......

The settings for this restaurant was very nice. On
the left is the area for diners while all the food were
laid side by side in the 'walls', ranging from Western
to Local to Eastern.

As usual, my first choice. Too bad they do not
have salmon shashimi. Then again, this is not
Shogun but Genting.

With so much food around, it is still a bit
difficult to get Kaelynn to eat but eat, she
did. The only problem was to see which
food catered to her taste.

For Kristine, it was not a problem due to
her unusual happy mood.

Ah, my second attempt. Do stay away from the
salad section if your intention is to look for some
potatoes, just like me. And the oranges? I needed
them because the mouth ulcers are getting worse.
The last count, there were about 10 inside. Even
my lips were so dry, they looked more like scabs.

You see this? Yep, these are the leftovers from
Kaelynn. And not letting food go to waste, I have
to perform my duty as DBKL (City Hall) and so,
I have to make sure these mess is cleaned up.

Eventually, we got her some soup
with very unique little um, things.
Yeah, later on, it all went to my
stomach as well when it got cold.

OK, after too much DBKL overtime, its almost
enough for me to throw in the towel. But first,
its the dessert which I had to go for as I spotted
this very nice cream, thingy on the right...........

Although they looked nice, its
an acquired taste. Later, these
containers were gone as well....

Halfway through our meal, there were a large
group of Indians (from India, I presume) which
helped make the restaurant more 'crowded'. I
do not mind but when they start eating fruits
right near the fruit station with their fingers,
and hanging around there, I told my Wife not
to take them until it was replenished as I know
there were not a lot of tongs to go round.....

Once they left, I felt at ease again. I mean,
with news of the Commonwealth in India, it
is just difficult being so prejudiced.

All the sweet stuff but there is a limit since
we're not really supposed to take in so much
sugar, even natural ones. Me? I loved the glass

I wished I had more time to take these
pictures as since I did not have my tripod
with me and there were other very hungry
customers, I quickly took the shots.

And so, what is so special about this Coffee Terrace?
Yes, you can see the cable car coming in and out below
you. This was the same Cable Car we took on Day One.

More than 20-odd people all
crammed into it like sardines

Once nice thing about the terrace was that they
had two 'faulty' coin-operated binoculars which
you can use without having to insert the coins,
I think. But it was not easy to view them as the
image was too small. maybe I should have slot
in some coins instead.......

By the time we arrived back, it there was only
enough time for me to rush to Pasar Road for
White LEDs for a certain project. And oh, I got
some more other LEDs as well. This is also, for
another certain project.