Getting high

We have all, at one time or another, seen and experienced the funny side of giving drugs or alcohol to children and/or animals. Its very very funny. Until it happens to you, of course. But in some countries, it was normal. For example, when I was in UK, there was one senior who was from Hong Kong and she said her family was very used to drinking alcohol when its winter and she has been doing since she was a toddler. Well, this is not Hong Kong and no, my Dad would not give some to me. Besides (at that time) its shite.

And so, one night, while both of us were relaxing with a can of Shandy between us, the curious girls were there............

Mommy pouring from a very strange can.......

And the foam is so different from Coca Cola and Kickapoo

And so, Kaelynn being more curious than her sister,
to try the drink. At first, I stopped her but
by then, it was too

When it comes to kids, their expressions and response
are very innocent and straight to the point. And
unfortunately, this is Kaelynn's response. She
loved it to bits. Oh-oh.

A few minutes later, because we have yet to
have dinner, I think the drink went straight
to her head already

And as such, this was also my first reaction when
I drank Shandy for the very first time........

And so, Kaelynn starts being friendly. Too friendly, in fact.
I know she's high but everyone else denied it. Of course,
she does show the classic symptoms in a subtle way,
which, naturally, were ignored by everyone.

Luckily, Kristine decided to stick to her ice cold Ribena

And, with the absense of a dancing pole, Kaelynn
improvised with some chairs and Mommy

By now, I can tell you that she's taken more
than one third of the can. Here, Kristine is
happy that she can get near to her sister
without any untoward incident

And like all good things.........unfortunately,
it did not end there

Because Grandma and Grandpa came back with two
cups of 7-11's Blue Slurpee. This means trouble.

And so, with alcohol, sugar and a brain freeze
mixed together, things took a turn for the worst.
Now, Kaelynn is doing Karate kicks at everything.

Alas, Kristine is also sugar-high by now

You can imagine the pandemonium after this
shot was taken..........

Sunday Lunch

Today is Sunday and its a Special Day. Still, everyone is in a jovial mood. And I get to take some rare moments from the girls which, nowadays, seems to be getting lesser and lesser. I am enjoying the Holidays but my body seems to think otherwise as I wanted to go out but it felt too lazy to do so. Maybe its the heat.

For a split moment, they are not enemies

And they are actually eating their meals

Ingenuity at work. Kristine taking her clothes after
her bath. Usually, I wrap them around in a, what
they would call, "Penguin" style, where the
towel wrapped them around until their
hands are inside. Easy for me to
dry them that way....