You must pay to PROMOTE

"Tell friends this post is important". 

Just recently, I noticed a new link, 'PROMOTE' right after I posted a, well..., post. Being the ever curious fatty, I decided to click on it and then, a window popped up.

You can now 'promote' your post or posts that you have shared in exchange for a small sum. What it does is that your post will be featured in your friend's news feed and are labeled as sponsored. How long you 'promotion' lasts, I am not sure but the attractive thing is, your post can be anything, be it text, video or even photos. However, you cannot promote Group posts or Private messages. And other questions. For more information, you can get it from this FAQ.

Before you start to complain and grip about FB making money and taking advantages, etc., you have to remember that this is the norm when it comes to real world media.

And here's the great thing, its a wonderful tool for Businesses. However, for individuals, its not so hot. Then again, its hard for me to see any potential since I am still not familiar with FB.

The 6-piece potato

This is a classic.

While I was helping my Wife cook dinner as fast as she could, she pointed to some potatoes and gave me the following instructions:
1. Peel the potatoes.
2. Cut them in half, and
3. Then cut them further so that I get six pieces out from each potato.

And I did that. Exactly. Except that my mind has some problem with step #3. Because we're rushing to cook the dinner, I had to go from Engineering mode to normal layman mode so that I can understand her instructions better. Take it from me as I have experienced this before and its the difference between the bed and the cold hard floor

Unfortunately, its hard to do that because my brain was still stuck with a design problem and so, while doing the change, my mind literally froze.

And in computer-speak, my brain 'hang'-ed. All I could think was, how to cut them into 120ยบ pie sections as there were no protractors to measure the angles...

And so, the first two potatoes (left) had funny shapes...
My Wife and I kept staring at it before I realised what had happened.

Luckily... luckily she made me cut the potato in half so I did not have to worry about in 3D...

Just ryoga it

Yeah, just Ryoga it.

Its a new term both of us coined it during lunch today. But the way I see it, there are two stages:

The first stage
This is Bruce's definition which is very close to the term of NATO (No Action, Talk Only). Its usually harmless but it indirectly increases one's reputation of being a TCSS  (Talk Cock, Sing Song) person. However, it is only harmless when your well meaning friends do not join you in your enthusiasm and seeing their resources/efforts go to waste in the end.

The second stage
This is more to my definition.

"A person, who, during the heat of the moment, follows the herd and puts in all their enthusiasm/energy/concentration into the project, (unwittingly) gaining attention and showing off (depending on your own points of view). But halfway into the project, the 'mood' or enthusiasm is usually gone and it suddenly becomes a 'burden'. The project is then temporarily stopped, usually followed by a lot of reasons when asked about its progress and eventually, abandoned."

This is the more severe case, where your friend/s who fully supports you in your passion gets the full brunt of the effect. They see their resources go to waste, promises broken and also, possibly, have the same reputation stuck to them, turning into a social pariah. Never mind if you have used thousands to buy lots of tools, aftermarket parts and even scoured the Internet dry for information. It will all go to waste at the end.

But regardless of the two stages, the most important result of the 'ryoga' effect is that at the end of the day, there is nothing to show for it. The only image I can think of was the Circus Ring Master:

In the dark circus tent, where all the spotlights are trained to this one man in the centre, looking magnificent in topcoat and tails, complete with a shiny top hat. Many people have come to see him tonight, and the place is packed. With his hands twirling on his big moustache, and with a big smile on his face, his booming voice builds the crowd into an excited frenzy. Everyone is waiting in eager anticipation of what he is going to show them. Weeks before, there were announcements and scraps of news that this thing of his will be worth seeing. But then, halfway through his mesmerizing voice, he announces that the show is over. There is nothing else to see because... he's bored. Only the decency and the "I know this will happen" attitude of the crowd stopped them from causing a riot and burning the whole, circus to the ground.

And now, having recognise the sickness, when it comes to modeling, he will do what he likes instead and not 'follow the flow' in participating on Group Builds on models which is not his 'in-thing'.

And slowly, I am pulling a ryoga on a lot of things too. When I 'stick' to a person whether its a friend, colleague or even a Boss, their habits tend to rub off on me. Which is a bad habit because sometimes I am sot immersed in it, I could not take a step back. So, everyday is a constant fight to stop this NATO rot or else, like all TCSS, I have nothing to show apart from wasting everyone's time.

I must really get back on track. No, I must get back to my top form. I must.


I was walking past a group of people crowded in front of a sign. I wondered what it was and well...

Everyone was looking at the sing and murmuring to themselves and no, it has nothing to do with iliteracy

Seems that there will be a new commercial building built over the squatter area turned car park.
[Update: The next day...]
I passed by again and this time, more people were gathering and speaking in Tamil. I could not understand what was being discussed, but the word, 'Bantah' (Protest in English) was heard many times. Then again, it could be something to do with their Temple literally in front of it. Or maybe, it was their home which was 'cleared' more than two years ago. Although the notice mentioned that it was announced on the main media between 3rd to 5th September, they had until 18th September to do this. I am not sure when the board was erected but it was only yesterday that I 'noticed' it.