Why she doesn't watch TV... much

More often than not, still I believe that the TV's rightful name is the Idiot Box. Let's just say, you have an hour to spend which you can either watch TV or, do your own thing. And so, this morning, I get to witness first-hand of who made the choice and their repercussions.

I took the girls to the playground so that they can have a few rounds with their bicycles. Kaelynn was cycling happily while Kristine was struggling with hers. Seems like her bicycle has a loose handle bar. But then, I got her to switch to Kaelynn's. And you can see from the way she rode the bike, her confidence level bad.

I was amazed at the girl's cycling skills though and was even more impressed with Kaelynn's. She told me that while Kristine was watching TV everyday in the afternoon, Kaelynn went into the compound and practised her cycling.

Wow. Just Wow.

When you have a choice...

There is always a choice. That's right, I repeat again, there is always a choice. And I am not saying it because I can.

Very often, when we are faced with a dilemma or a serious problem, we would always more often than not, seek a fast solution out of it. Its much easier than to just sit down or take a breather to think things through. 

And so, by doing that, we very often dismiss or refuse to see the actual solution right in front of us as these are usually just not attractive enough. In today's time and age, we need to be seen as a Hero to solve the problem in a very impressive way and in the fastest time possible without breaking a sweat.

But (ha ha ha ha!) Life is not going to let you have your way without learning anything apart from it just being a hindrance. So, either you use the lemon or take the cissy way out.

12092014 Breakfast!

Well, I am going to have a feast this morning. No point letting food go to waste.

In actual fact, I was planning to make a potato sandwich but then I remembered, we do not have any crisps or Pringles. Then again, this is still going to be a great breakfast to start the day!

I know I need to take more fibre and stuff but they cost money. And there is not enough space to even make a vege garden even if I wanted to try.

Last night's rice, Tuesday's Satay and the girl's leftover potatoes from this morning.

You need sauce...

How to tell if that person is a Malaysian?

Just wait for them to start eating. That's how.

It does not matter if the food is filled with gravy or just a plate of rice with 'dry' dishes. Most Malaysians will start adding sauce to it. Soy sauce, Chili sauce, tomato sauce, etc. They will add them. Even for a delicious bowl of curry mee, which is FULL of curry, they would give you a small scoop of sambal chili.And you WILL use it too. So no matter the food, chances are, you'll be adding sauce to it.

And so, I have to admit, I am a Malaysian (but not because of the sauce, OK?) and I do love sauces. There is nary an occasion where I do not need sauce to go with my sauces. Which is a real eye opener when you eat outside of Malaysia. And not only that, our taste is actually quite on the extreme side of the spectrum when compared to other countries.

So, it got me to thinking, did we add sauce because of habit or because we think its necessary?

The Art of Kaelynn

OK, so now I know the whole family (on my Side) are all Arts related despite me being more to the Science/Technical stream. But let's face it, its a struggle even for me. All the time, while I was in Technical, every Artistic ideas/dreams/acts will come flowing out while I try my very best to stem it. And while I was feeding to the Arts side, every technical/engineering/rules, etc wants a share in it too.
(Those who talks to me, will know what I am talking about)

But at my Age now, whatever goes, lah.

But this blog today is not about me anymore, it's about my kids. In genetic terms, they do have some of our traits. My side is more on the Arts, curioisty, imagination and well, spontaneity. I got a wonderful shock today when I walked over to see what Kaelynn was doing as she had finished her homework. Lo and behold!

She copied an image from the cover of a book. At first I thought she just put the paper on top and copied it but no, she actually did it by just looking at the picture! This is something which I cannot even do! A few years ago, her picture was just your run o the mill kiddy scrawls. My Wife downplayed the talent saying its great but this does not encourage creativity...

Well, if she wants to continue with this, I'll let her. (In the meantime, Kristine saw what was happening and she too, started to draw...)
My wife lamented they did not inherit her Science side...

09092014 Kristine's Day Out

After a very long mano et mano chat with my Dad about my current situation and future, I got his blessings to continue doing Scale Model lighting. And not only that, there are plans too since the project that he and my brother was interested, had a lot of risks which, in our opinions, was not worth pursuing.

Anyway, as my Dad needed to get out of the house for two hours, I decided to bring Kristine with me for the whole day.

One thing I would like to note is that she loves to sleep late and at first, I thought it just nothing but then again, she has been doing this since young. And all the while, we capped the girls' Bedtime at 2030. And this morning (sorry, I took out the photo) she actually slept while sitting on bed!

An hour into the office, she has done all her homework her Mommy gave her and.....

Not sure if it was a productive day for her but she got to ride the LRT, learn how to pay for her fares and also, well, see how I work so that she will grow up and study harder...