Microman Divemaster Roberto

When I was small, I did have some Micronaut toys but ever since I grew up, they all have disappeared. Anyway, I spooted this on my last trip to Kota Kinabalu and as luck would have it, I ran out of money. Luckily, I remembered where the shop was and got Pol to buy it for me on his next trip down to KL. (OK, due to my state of sanity, my memory wasted him 20 minutes of searching and more than that when I pointed him to the wrong floor)

In reality, I wanted those blank one, called Material Force and over here in Malaysia, finding the needle is much easier. Still, I preferred to wait until I found one that I like (no, GI Joes are not a good replacement). I liked this Divemaster because of th diving equipment which reminds me of Gundam Ball. Takara (of the Transformers fame) really did well with these revamped Microman series and now, I am in Heaven! (Maybe I should ask Pol to get more......)

For RM45.90, it sure came with a lot of accessories. But I was only interested in
the figure, the hands and the diving equipment.

Funnily enough, the figure has to bend his hand backwards in order to control
the diving equipment. "Here I am, with my Diving Bell! Ding Dong!"
I pity the fishes if he has bad BO on his armpits

On closer look, its very nice, You can see the handles and also the front
instrument panel

In this shot, I am not sure if he is some Cybernetic sperm or just
some walking Pacman

How much was it again?

Customer: "I need you to be there as soon as possible"
Me: "But I will be quite late...."
Customer: "We'll be here throughout the evening, don't worry"

Contractor: "Oh, they came half an hour ago and left after that..."
Me: "@#*(& !!!)

And I walked back to the car park dejectedly in the rain after braving more than an hour in the traffic jam just to get there. But on the way, there was a handphone shop. After realising that I have no money for a new handphone or even a second-hand one, I also realised I do not even need one. So, I settled for some fancy-wancy accessories.

Me: You got Sony Ericsson T630 cystal casing or not?
Salesgirl: No. Sorry
Me: You got casing for this Nokia one?
Salesgirl: Yes, we have both blue and black.

Me: How much is the black Nokia casing?
Salesgirl: Only RM12. We sell good quality ones which lets you click the numbers better
Me: OK, lets try it on
Salesgirl takes the new casing, removes the old one and swaps into the phone
Me: That's odd. There is no light on the keypad
Salesgirl: I am not surpised. Maybe your phone's lights have burned out
I remove the casing and showed her there were lights
Salesgirl: Oh, maybe the keypad material makes it dim.
She then puts the casing back and cups her hand around the keypad and showed it to me
Salesgirl: See? There is light. Maybe just now, the autolock was on.

I am cursing silently, deep in my heart. But since she has that "Look, I have seen all and experienced all" look and was quite patient with me, I decided to take them in case she jumps up and out of the counter to rip out my heart with her bare hands.

ME: OK, how much is the crystal case
Salesgirl: RM8 only
Me: Let's have these two then.

Salesgirl: Thank you. That will be RM20.00, please. Oh, heres a bag for your old casing
Me: Nevermind, you can throw it away for me. Bye