What have I bought today?

I was at the Digital Mall today, looking for a decent external DVD burner and God, these things are not cheap, I tell you. And we're looking at the price range of between RM280 to RM300. So, now, if I want to still get one, maybe I would scout further at Low Yatt or ComputerWar to see if I can build one myself as an internal 5.25" enclosure is about RM70 on eBay and the burner itself is just under RM100. I am not sure of the actual prices yet until I have the chance to go there. So, with the insufficient monies saved, I decided to head across the road to Miniature Hobbies which I just realised, they're moving out and were having a sale. I didn't know this until they told me at the counter, despite all the notices pasted everywhere (OK, so I was blur, preoccupied about the DVD burner).

Still, do I really need one? I only use it maybe once a month or less, just to archive my customer and personal files as my Hard disk is full again. Or maybe, save up for a 300GB pocket Hard disk or so....... besides, I can always wrest the company's Notebook from my technician when I need it, provided he does nto destroy it first in his about-to-break Notebook bag which he refuses to change despite our recommendation. But I don't blame him because lugging a hard, heavy and tough Storm case like mine on a motorbike is like having a fridge on your back. And his Notebook Toolbag is soft........

The Emergency Escape Pod (+Hobby Magazine) RM50 from a SFTPMS
member and the 1/35 Super Sherman I got from Miniature Hobbies. At
40% discount (until the end of February), this is a good price! As the
whole total came in under RM50.

There are five packs of sprues, all filled wiht a lot of parts.

And these are very good for me to think about when I have
some spare time between work, family, projects, etc.

Especially when I am interested on the tracks. Yeah, you're
right. I am not going to build this tank but to take its parts
and use them for detailing of my own creations, just like
what they did with Star Wars. If my models become famous,
a lot of people would be looking for this model to recreate
their own models. Ha ha ha ha. I am so cruel.

How to piss off the Waterboy

In any case you're wondering, yes, we do have clean water in the office. Everyone uses it especially my techs who need to fill up before going out on their service calls and sometimes, I do as well. But these clean water are starting to hurt our budget. So, Boss decided to do something about it, by putting a water filter instead. I have heard horror stories about water filter becoming dirty too fast and this was quite apparent with my next door neighbour who had one installed. In less than a few days, the filter turned murky brown. Still, we're going to have to monitor the filter if its OK or not. Else, I would have to find my old Amway renewal form and get one solid ultra goody filter system .......... heh.

Instead of ordering those bottles of water anymore, Boss installed a
water filter where we can have Eu de Kepong fresh from the taps. I
start to worry after seeing the filter go dirty in less than 24 hours....
But then again, seldom drink in the office as I have my own source.
However, I am still considering bringing my own Ribena or any other
cordials knowing that everyone would help me finish it in the shortest
time possible. Ha ha ha ha ha!