The 10-minute Gundam kit

So, this morning, I snuck in the model kit to the office and by my calculations, I have about 10 minutes before everyone comes in. (OK, so I overslept by an hour). The way I figured it, I think I can complete this model before 2008. Hopefully, this would be something that I can say, I completed a project 100% in 2007. Ha ha ha ha!

I am not sure of the instructions as they're in Japanese but looking
at the instruction sheets, its as if they parts can be taken out of the
sprues without using cutters, etc. that is, just pull it out. Ha ha ha
Upon closer look, I think it is possible but I still used a cutter/blade

This is my result after 10 minutes. I got the torso and
the head done. Note the ingenious use of the PVC
joints for the arms and in fact for almost all moving
parts. I jsut love armoured Gundams!


At first, if you do not succeed
Crash and crash again until you burn


[This was a draft] 23.03.2008
I got this drink from 7-11. Its an Energy drink.

Twist to open. Now, that is fun because you can only
see these bottles in a TV series

I forgot how I tasted but I can tell you
that its shite.