One step at a time

Its more than 15 months now and Kaelynn is still not walking. Kristine started to walk when she was about 14 months. We found out that Kaelynn can walk but she does not have the confidence. She will walk just a bit but there must be something for her to hold on to a the other end. maybe its just that she is afraid of falling down.....

Kaelynn falls just after a few steps

Encouranged by her sister, she tries again, this time on the mattress
(where the covers are being washed)

OK, she gets the hang of it now....

So close yet so far. Kristine is jumping with joy as she
knows soon, both of them will run about together
(Which is a nightmare for the both of us)

The iPhone

The World is going ga-ga over the iPhone. But there is a catch: If you do not subscribe to America's Telco AT&T, then the iPhone is useless. Right?

Wrong. In today's World, and in the Internet age, everyone wants things by yesterday. And everyone believes all things are free. Ha ha ha ha. So, now, everyone wants an iPhone regardless of At&T. Because now, they know that the iPhone can be hacked and they are willing to pay any price to have the iPhone hacked to use any GSM carrier.

The cost? Only RM2998 for the iPhone or RM3680 for the unlocked (hacked) version. So, for that price, would you be willing to pay for it? Is it really necessary? Would you die if you cannot have it? Would you?

Anyway, since I have not really seen the iPhone up close, I too, am not sure if I want it. But then again, at that price, it way too pricey for me. Personally, I think it should be priced at around the RM1300 mark. Heh. But then, what do I know about pricing?

Here is the link if you want to read more as it came up on the google search: Danny Foo

Both father and son were excited over the iPhone