Kaelynn is starting to crawl........

Yep, she just turned on her stomach. Just like that.
And I think, she is earlier than Kristine

And the feeling of able to crawl or trying to, is priceless

Unfortunately, she only moved two inches. But still, hooray!


I woke up with both my arms feeling tired and bruised. So were my back. And as I sit down at the toilet bowl, so were my butt. But it was for something I do not mind.

We all went bowling. Since I have a weak wrist, my score went from 50-odd to 39 to 29 as I switch from my right hand to the left. After three rounds, they felt dislocated already.

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

In the beginning, everyone had a lot of energy

And trust me, EVERYONE had a lot of energy

Some really went at it

And some, really really went at it

The smile and jubilation when you have a strike

I have nothing else to say

And no, everyone is not on drugs

Sometimes, its not easy to clear everything

And you cannot remote control the bowling ball

Even if you threaten to stomp it

Yes, its good to start them young