Its curtains for me!

After the trip back from KK, its still not over yet. All the curtains I have taken down are to be put up here. And not only that, I need to install the curtain rails as well.

All the curtain rails from Macy I have 10 windows to
do. Die lor.....

But what's this? The metal piece to join two curtain rails

have a problem: They cannot fit with the curtain rails!

Yipee! No need to do the work!

But sadly, there are some windows which do not need

to use those metal pieces and so, after three hours and
five windows later, I am done

Cannibalising for the D50

OK, I know what I need for my D50 now: A camera strap and a camera bag. I was wearing the Nikon strap and its a bit too short for me, making me really look like a kid with his water bottle hanging on his neck. So, I used the FujiFilm strap since it was long enough. I like to strap cameras across my shoulders or wrap the straps on my wrist. Thinking about that, maybe I should get a wrist strap too. Or maybe I should be able to find a cheap velcro strap lying about in one of my customer's place...... ha ha ha ha.

Then, there is the camera bag. It must be small enough and well padded and still do not look like a camera bag in case I need to argue with Hypermarket security guards again. Oh yeah, it must be less than RM60 as well.

Oh well, one thing at a time.

This was my FujiFilm Finepix s5500. The straps gone
and see the green tape? That is to tape the memory card
door as when it comes off, the camera switches itself off

Stopping the leak

This is a tap. When you twist the lever, water will come out.
Water does a lot of good things. But Kaelynn thinks it is fun.
If we don't do anything about it, the whole water tank will be
empty. So, with the money left, I got this but not enough
for a padlock....

Macro shot

This is the type of macro shots I like at the moment. I just
like to take photos of small things but don't let me go and
get an actual macro lens. That is like asking for trouble

Going back for more

Instead of going for CNY shopping, we need to move more stuff back. And so, it was another trip to good old KK. Going back there, the memories and also the sight (as if it was hit by a tornado) really made me want to just lie on the floor, with the air-con at full blast and sleep for a week. But still, there is work to be done. My job there, apart from being the chauffer, was to change the curtains and also move other heavy things.

Plants! I mean plants! Sheesh. I have to carry plants!

I guess either someone made a very clear message to
our dear neighbour or they moved it themselves. Either
way, its not our problem anymore

This is one of their favourite part in KK

OK, I need to figure out why the D50 focussed
more on the two ladies than Kristine

Shooting with the D50

OK, the first thing I noticed in the morning, was the bright Sunlight and its only 9AM. And Kaelynn was the first to get up. So, I took her down for some breakfast and then followed her around with my Nikon D50. Later, when Kristine woke up, I did the same.

Test shots of Kaelynn, Then I realised I was shooting in
Macro mode, but no flash.

Action shots of Kaelynn using child mode
I tell you, this camera is damn fast! I can
take shots after shots in less than quarter
of a second (I think) compared with my
two ex-FujiFilms which takes seconds

Some "shooting from the hip" shots I tested with
Kaelynn. Except for the one with the cat and with
Kristine sleeping

Big sister woke up! My favourite shot of the day was
where Kristine just woke up with puffy eyes and a bit
of a tear (top right). The background is all blurred,
which makes you focus on her face.

Introducing my Nikon D50!

By the time I cleared the Subang area (which was jammed up with a lot of people coming out from a function at Holiday Villa) it was already midnight. And kktan was waiting for me. So, we got to business first: My NIKON D50

Before handing it over to me, he showed me everything I needed to know about the D50 so I can start shooting. kktan even packed the D50 just like when he bought it the first time, so, I can also savour the moment when I see the D50 for the first time. Call me nuts but sometimes, these small gestures is what makes the experience worthwhile. I think he knows that I was too excited to read the manuals anyway. After a good run through, I managed to take a few night shots but my hands were shaking more than it should. kktan was quite patient in explaining the camera to me and maybe its just me, but I did detect a hint of sadness as if he is going to lose a very good friend. After that, I gave him the cash (thanks to my very good Brother) and Southern bak gua, I rushed all the way back home to try out the camera. (I just hope there were no speed traps that night)

First impression at 2AM in the morning
There was a reason why I rushed back, actually: my stomach decided to make chocolate slurry. And during this time, it was then I started to fiddle with the camera. As I like to shoot without much flash, i find there is a problem. kktan explained to me that when there is insufficient light, the flash would automatically pop up. So, that took me much about an hour in the toilet (without the manual) to figure out how to disable it. But every time I changed the shooting mode of switch the camera on again, the flash would reappear. And I think I need more time to see how to change the White balance when in other pre-set modes like Macro or Children shots.

But I just want to say this:

After more than two decades, I finally got a Nikon SLR!!!

Please say hello to my Nikon D50!

I got this heavy blade for RM11.50 It has a small drawer for spare
blades. And when you close it, it has a nice click sound, as if you're
loading a magazine into a gun. Top is by Canon and bottom is by
Nikon, both in Macro mode. Just look at the Nikon's details

The D50 taking photos of blueyebabe's canon Powershot A400.
See the back ground going blurry? I like that!

Just for fun, I decided to take macro shots with and without
flash on both cameras. Left is by Canon and right is by
Nikon. A lot of difference, eh?