BKT Idol

BKT Idol

One thing about an idle mind is that it thinks a lot. Well, for me, that is. I was lying in pain and also having a fever over the extra long weekend holidays. For you see, last Thursday was the installation of the new Sultan where the Civil Servants had their day off. But for us poor Public Peasants, our was on Tuesday, which was Labour Day and it also coincided with Wesak Day. Automatically, the next day is a "Voluntary" Public Holiday. For those geniuses who are experts in taking holidays and MCs, this means that if they took the two days off, which is Friday, Monday and report sick on Thursday, they would have 8 Days off. And if they're lucky, the Doctor might even fall for their Oscar performances give them an extra 2 days of MC for some serious stomach ache/migraine/swollen eyes/sore throat/$$$, etc., which leads to a whole whopping 10days off. Lucky bastards.

But for us, we do not have such luxury because we do work on Saturdays and also I have appointments on Monday. So, I'm out of luck. With only Tuesday and Wednesday remaining, all I could only do was to lie in bed and sleep during the day and groan in pain during the night. I should have stayed away from those damned ducks and mutton on Sunday. This was because of Mother's Day, where I was with the In-Laws for the "Eat all you can" at Ampang's Crystal Crown offer. Bu tno suck luck with my Mom as I was really sick.

Anyway, while I was hallucinating between sleep and screams of my two daughters, my Mind came up with a scheme.

Why not have a Bak Kut Teh Idol? Everyone always say the BKT in Klang is good, or the BKT in XXX place is good and so on. (But if I do go there, it tasted just the same for me as I was more interested in the raw garlic there). So, why not have the BKT Idol? But there would be two BKT Idols; The Chef and the Connoisseur. Everyone would go throug the various elimination rounds to cook the best BKT week after week before the last few stages where elements of "Iron Chef" and their own famous styles are introduced. The Connoissuer would also be picked this way, maybe even with some side-contests of eating the most raw garlic (by the bowls), drinking the most BKT soup, choosing the best choice cuts, tea ceremonies, tasting/choosing the best BKT soup, and so on. OK, maybe let them have a BKT eating marathon as well and also the fastest contestant to slim down before the final stage.

The Grand Finale
The Connoisseur would be alowed to choose the best ingredients for his BKT, and would also instruct The BKT Chef in cooking it too. He would also be responsible for the menu for that night from the type of drinks to the dessert. All in front of the Judges from All over the World (or those who can eat pork or knows that the fuck BKT is, since its Malaysian). Then on the next Finale, The BKT Chef is on his/her own. They can cook the best BKT or choose their own traditional/secret recipe (without the 11 Herbs and Spices) for the contest.

Nice isn't it? Then my brain woke up and told me it would not work due to the newspaper article I read earlier, something about the raised prices of pork which the sellers would not reduce eventhough the problem with the pigs have gone. (OK, so I skimmed through newspapers. Satisfied?)