Little Ms. Engineer (Update III)

OK, she's not due yet as the Doctor told her not to come in. But we might have to make a decision if the little miss decides to come during the weekend which there is no one to help deliver. So, I'll be on alert until Thursday or so. I'll just have to notch this as a False Alarm

All in all, what a scare today.

Little Ms. Engineer (Update II)

OK, I have settled most of the things now, and my friend told me not to go outstation today. So, I'll just sit in the house, be a little guy and wait for my Wife to do what she wants to do before noon

Little Ms. Engineer (Update I)

Just a few minutes ago, she told me what her Sis-in-Law told me:

These are the signs that the show will start in a few hours time.

Of all the days I have to go outstation (300KM away)

Little Ms. Engineer is on the way!!!

Of all the days I have to go outstation (300KM away)

She waited uptil I woke up this morning, to tell me what happened at 5AM:**censored**. Just like 9 months ago. She gave me a book to read and it showed that its the first sign that it would be happening this week. I just wonder if its going to be the same day as Bankokboi's or not.


The good side is, that I will be passing through her hometown, and perhaps get some durians and chee cheong fun but I would be coming back very late at night.

What if the little one wants to come out by then? I won't be there to help.


Of all the days I have to go outstation (300KM away)