Playing with the NERF Nitefinder

After some apprehension, I allowed the girls to play with the NERF gun again. But I do have to lay down some ground rules such as:

1) Do not fire on if there is someone in front of your target
2) Do not place your trigger finger on the trigger when reloading
3) Do not place the gun ono your shoulders or cheecks or under your jaw
4) Do not shoot at Mommy
5) Never ever shoot at the cat
6) Most importantly, never ever shoot at Daddy even when he is the most convenient target or he will take away those guns again and let you all suffer with imitation Barbie dolls.

With the Nitefinder, its a natural for Kristine to
load the gun due to the ring-pull at the back.

Its the same with Kaelynn too, even though she is
smaller than Kristine. The ring just concentrates
all their pulling power into two fingers compared
with using a slide which uses the thumb and finger
as not only do you need to pull, you need to grip
the slider as well. This weakens the loading.

Kristine showing how to aim high at the mirror
where they would have to jump up and down
to get at the darts. Since the darts are new, it
won't fall off so quickly, Ha ha ha ha ha.

Once they're used to it, I will teach them how to aim


OK, so its here. Hoo. Haa.
And if I don't crack my head on how it works,
someone will do it for me. Heh.

Has your Firefox been doused?

I have a problem with Firefox since I can't remember when. What I do know is that I love to open a lot of webpages and place them in tabs. But lately, I find that the Fox jerks. What I mean is, that when I start to scroll the pages, I have to wait for more than 5 seconds at least before it allows me to continue. And when I type text, especially when I made mistakes, the cursor would not move for at least 10 seconds or even, I can see the text coming out one by one every few seconds.

Naturally, I though it has something to do with my Notebook since its more than 8 years old. But dang it, this Toshiba Tecra 9000 lasts and lasts. (Or until there are no spare parts?). And so, one fine day, I got to this site from a Forum.

It tells you the main reason why Firefox 3.5.x suffers from slow speed. And here is the solution:

1) Goto the Firefox address bar and type: about:config

2) You will be shown this screen. Just be careful lor.

3) Under the filter bar, type: browser.cache.

4) Locate this line and double-click the TRUE statement to change it to FALSE.

5) Restart Firefox

Bear in mind, if you do not know what you're doing (like me) and feel lucky (not like me), do not attempt to do this. Because the result might not work for you. But for me, its as if my Notebook;s burden has been lifted.

Woo hoo!

Cheap things no Good........

Cheap things, no good.
Good things, no cheap.

Heard that one before? Well, more often than not, its now very true. And with the explosion of China-made goods for the past decade, its proven. Many times you would have bought a cheap item only to find out its really "cheap" indeed. Or maybe, the copy of the original item has more features but somehow, the experience is still "cheap". I am sure you have bought a torchlight which has a built-in rechargeable system complete with mains pins, a built-in screwdriver and ....... a compass. (However, if you have bought a solar cell torchlight, I do not want to talk to you.) Yes, its wonderful idea and it sure is a marketing coup. But when you start to use it, I am sure you know how it feels in your hand.

Anyway, in their defense, not all products are suspect. It all depends on the control or who manufactures it and how the quality issues were dealt with. But as the end user, we are responsible in choosing which brand to use. Sometimes, it would escape even the most stringent inspection but thank goodness, for our case, the product holds. In other words, apart from checking your receipts, do make sure you check your purchase before and after the counter.

Have you ever seen this cable before?
If you know what the problem was,
would you have bought it anyway?