Underground Car Park Accident

There is something wrong today but I am not sure what it was.
I know I have gotten a good night's sleep. I know I was wide awake when I drive my Boss to the LCCT in Sepang early in the morning. I know I can still count from 1 to 10 while pee-ing. And I know, I have twice more service calls than usual. And I know I was driving from Kepong to Shamelin to Shamelin to Yap Kwan Seng to UPM to Puchong to IOI Mall to Yap Kwan Seng. I know its freaking hot inside the car as all the air-con gas has leaked out and the cool hair is actually hot air since the Hyundai seems to like sucking up air from anywhere but cool.

But there was one thing I do not know about: The Accident.

There I was, driving around in the car park like crazy because my Tech did not tell me they're in Block B and I went in to Block C. Then, they did not tell me they're in sub-basement2 while I was in sub-basement3. And so, driving like crazy on 15Km/h, it happened. Can't say much about it though as I really could not see any cars moving. And now, the window's cracked. And I am so pissed off about it. Yes, its my fault (because you can't blame the car) and just to replace the window would cost me a lot. And I do not have Insurance for it. Still, the day must go on, and I have to suck it up until I can find the time to reflect on the damage done. But its done and so am I. Sigh.

I mean, just a drop from the dashboard and of all the
places, it had to drop on to some metal piece with a
sharp angle. wtf. The damage went past the plastic
tint and onto the screen. You can see the crack from
both sides of the phone.

During lunch at the place between KFC and Dunkin'
Donuts, I saw the damage. Its cracked, yes, but the
damn phone is still working as if nothing's happened.

And when you press on the phone too hard, the cracks
would give you some psychedelic colours. If it was my
girls, they would press even harder until it cracks.

And so, I have to replace the protective screen film
as soon as possible as gliding my hand along and
feeling a bump there is driving me nuts. Its like you
driving coffee but with lumps of un-mixed creamer

Wow. That was some 2 feet drop. Even the car's
upholstery could not peel itself fast enough to
catch the falling phone. Not my legs from the
brake for that matter.

The screen still looks clean, smooth and shiny.
Except for the small little dent there.

Spare mirror tint in place. I hate this tint
but there are no other clear ones. Must
get more clear, anti-glare tints soon.

Mirror to mirror to mirror to mirror........

Looks good. Except for the crack. And this mirror
tint will drive me crazy during the day as it will
reflect all over the place and have oily smudges
which I have to wipe off every time I use it or
even touch it. I suspect it will even smudge itself
when I look at it.

And so, my intentions of sending it to Nokia is now gone since this voids the warranty. Not only that, I now notice the screen will go crazy when it feels like it, which is very often. Sigh and no money to get a new one or even have the screen replaced. Maybe a cheaper Nokia 5230? Nah.

Daiso @ IOI Mall New Wing

While I was doing a site inspection for my customer today, I happen to come across this shop. Yeah, the RM5.00 shops are starting to grow again in the Klang Valley. But this was the biggest RM5.00 I have ever seen. Compared to the other shops, this Daiso is like a Hypermarket.

Anyway, since its a new place, I decided to take a look-see. Because "Everything imported from Japan" I wanted to see the weird stuff and boy, there ARE some weird stuff in there.

OK, situated next to ACE Hardware, do not be confused
even though both entrances are painted in red. This one
does not have bored looking Security Guards.

Aisles and aisles of product for you to choose

Weird item #1:

Weird item #2

Weird item #3

I also came across some display cases

Which is ideal for 1/35 scale miniature figures

You can have one with the slight sloping on the sides

There are three different cases for you to choose from
but since its not airtight and all, you cannot use it to
display your prized possession after your Bobbitt
incident. Nor can you use it to make an ant farm.

Me? I bought a spherical ice cube maker
so I can say I have balls of ice. Heh

You stick-it, we-a the drill-it

Normally, when the customer needs to have electrical
points, phone point, etc., they will have the contractor
(or by themselves) mark the location on the wall or
floor with any writing instruments available. But here,
they must have bought their stick-it notes wholesale.

The Cafe between KFC and Dunkin' Donuts

I can't remember the name of that place but all I know is that its on the top floor, and its locatd between the KFC and Dunkin' Donuts, just right after the Toll Plaza (if you're going to Seremban, that is). As I was an hour early for my appointment in UPM, I decided to have lunch there. Its not a difficult choice since I have adverse allergic reaction to KFC and having sweet deep fried dough in the middle of the day is a no-no.

And so, I decided to try this place. After coming up the stairs, there were no one in the cafe. It was when I peeked further into the counter, the two staff sleeping on the floor woke up. Yeah, really. Anyway, driving the whole day without an air-con, it was the only excuse I did not want to leave. Oh, and because its on the top floor, I can set up my M78 sniper rifle and wait for unsuspecting suspects. Not.

RM8.30 for the Pepsi and the Nasi Lemak. wtf
Oh well, at least I got free WiFi courtesy of KFC

New CCTV design

Saw this at my vendor's office today.
Nothing new except the glass screen
has been replace with a while cover.
Should have done this from the start

The Kundur

Coming back from taking my Boss to the LCCT Airport,
I saw this very interesting label.
So now, Yeo's Winter Melon Drink is Yeo's the Kundur.
And I still do not know what a kundur is.