Driving the Van Part Five

OK, I know the fuel consumption of the van is bad but I wanted to test this more thoroughly. So, I used the van until the tank is empty, then fill it up with RM30 worth of petrol and see how far it goes. For the past few days, the distance it got me varied from 120Km to about 200Km. The figure is not consistent since I was driving it through different road conditions. For example, if I drove it through the Highway where there are minimal stops and/or gear changes, I would get a lot of mileage. But if I am driving through urban roads like in the town, where traffic lights and gear changes for acceleration are the norm, the distance would be shorter. And if I am stuck in the traffic jam, habis lah.

So, for the test, I topped up with Rm30 and for this route, I was driving mostly through Hignways and without using the air-con. So, I got 216.8Km which, in the van's case, is quite alright.

At Rm1.92 per litre, RM30 would get me 15.625 litres. So, in this case, the van was giving me 13.8752 Km/Litre.

Then as luck would have it, on the second test, I was driving mostly through urban roads, without air-con except for the last 30Km since I had to pick up my wife, which got me 191.7Km.

In this case, at 191.7Km, the van is giving me 12.2688Km/Litre.

So, I can say that the consumption fluctuates from 7.744 to 13.8752KM/Litre. This is a huge difference.

Compared to the Kenari, which went as far as 290KM (with air-con but at average 70KmH) for the same amount, it was 18.56Km/Litre and my Satria at mimimum of 260Km (I think, using IFT), it was about 16.74 and at 220KM (post-IFT) it was 14.08KM/Litre. Wow.

So, as far as fuel consumption goes, no car that I have driven came close to the Kenari. All the tests were done with the average speed of 70KmH.

[Update: After my trip up North on 17/17 Sept, here are the latest]
I put in roughly about RM115 and got about 940Km . So, this time, the fuel consumption is roughly 15.7 considering it is mostly Highway travel and I have a passenger.

First attempt is 198KM

This is what the needle shows when I put in RM30 worth of petrol

Second attempt is 216Km

You got to be kidding me! 91KM just for driving
about town for the weekend with the Wife & Kids

Morning Jam

This morning, there was another tremendous jam. And for no apparent reason, the whole journey took me an average of two hours. By the time I reached the 'source" of the jam, it was because a lot of traffic was going towards Jalan Duta from the NKVE. Apparently, there was some major accidents in Bt. Caves or something which affected a lot of traffic into and out of the City.

Want to see what he saw?

Yeah, cars. Lots of cars. All moving like snails.