The Bazic calculator

The spoils of the afternoon haul at Popular's was the Rm14.90 Bazic calculator for me and a very nice pair of scissors for Kristine. I needed a calculator at the office because mine mysteriously disappeared months ago and I could never find it again. And so, after talking to the Admin people, I am allowed to get a new one for under RM30. But my colleagues said that I can get them from another Manager but since she is from another Department, it is not nice to do that.

The reason why I chose this calculator was not
because it was the cheapest there but because
of its design.

Erm, nevermind the instruction manual. Let's continue

The rounded curves and its shape is very organic and
this is what I liked about it. Also, it has a very large
LCD display, very good when I want to show it off to
compare them with the normal Rm30.00 Casios. Heh.

Unfortunately, the niceties ended there because when
you hold it in the palms of your hands, its very big. I
wished it was 2cm smaller.

And look at the curves. Even the buttons are nice
to press. Because ifs almost flat, you can sit on it
by accident knowing that the big LCD screen is
the first thing to crack and not the casing itself

I also liked the way the solar cells are facing at
an angle so that when I hold it, I can imagine it
is some sort of a Star Trek Tricorder....

Why I am not working today

Since we are not supposed to work today (Company's Policy), I still have to fetch Kristine to the school. And while I am at it, I decided to fetch both girls and Wife back so that my Dad can have more time to do his stuff.

My plan for the day was roughly like this:
0700 Fetch Kristine to school
0800 Go to KK to get my stuff
1100 Meet up with Bruce
1230 Get Kaelynn back
1320 Get Kristine back
1445 Go to multifilla
1700 Get Wife back

And so, by afternoon, after I got Kaelynn back, it was time for me to go to Kristine's school. Since I had an extra 20 minutes, I was on the benches like all anxious paretns waiting for the Bell to ring. Unfortunately, I was so engrossed with some electronic circuit books, she came and look for me instead. I made an inpromtu decision for us to have lunch at McDonalds but since she was not hungry, I decided to move on the next appointment, which is to go to multifilla. But before we go there, we had lunch at KFC at the nearest JayaJusco, which I forgot about the Permanis boycott. And all the while, holding her hands, I know she is happy because she gets to go out. I can feel her walking and doing a happy little skip once in a while.

And so, we drank to our heart's content.
And kids do not care about politics

Not to feel left out, I ordered a take-away for
Kaelynn too because I know there will
be fights
or crying if we returned empty-

They copied this concept from McDonalds which is
a nice idea but will spill more if someone was clumsy
enough to accidentally fall on the levers. Well, OK,
no one would do that except me.

And so, after a bit more exploring, and
more trips to Popular and a Popcorn
stall, it was time to go to multifilla......
Aw, heck.

And so, it was a long drive back to the house, with
Kristine eating the Popcorn and drinking the 100+...

...and drinking the 100+ and eating the popcorn...

...and drinking even more 100+ and eating the Popcorn...

Until she fell asleep on the last Kilometer to the house

Like a good little girl, she held on to the Popcorns
because I told her not to spill them on Mommy's
nice clean car. Its amazing she can hold even in
her sleep.

Going back to KK

It was a good day today, to go back to KK. I needed to go back there anyway not because of a promise but because I needed another NERF gun *ahem*. So, while I was there, searching through the boxes, I found back a lot of things which made me very happy. I usually do not want to go though loads of termite gunk but it really made my day. For instance:

I only remembered I has two more NERF Mavericks
but it turned out I was wrong. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

And this is for Bruce, everything was intact including,
the fragile clear canopy.

And whoa! My four nacelle Star Ship! I remember
only about using the Reliant parts but I did not
remembered going that far!

And so, this was my first time using those thin wires
and not on the Nautilus. And I think I pretty much
failed on using fibre-optics here too. My plan was
to use a single yellow led (not bright at that time)
for the Deflector Dish and the windows.

Ooh... this was the piece of hangar bay which I
completely made a mess because the plastic
sheets were too thin and I was impatient. Those
dim yellow LEDs have to do. Heck, when I have
the time, I am going to rebuild the whole pair of
hangar bays. Well, one day, that is.

And maybe, I'll just leave the tow red LEDs alone.

After so many years, the white plastic has begun to yellow
and its not even exposed to the Sun. Even the glue marks
on the nacelles turned brown but I did not test if it fails
or not.

I forgot what I wanted to do with this top window
but I think I was for some soft of Botanic garden

There you go. The Deflector Dish that was in the saucer.

Sadly, I would have to do something about these windows
as they really looked awful. Then again, the only tools I had
at that time was a rough file.

But the main bonus was this Batman Forever Batwing
which I thought was lost forever to the termites. Later
on, it was the Batmobile.

All the parts are still there and looking back, I
did do some work on it before putting it away.

For example, I cut the holes near the cockpit,
which by now, is not necessary since some of
the reference photos said so.

My main dream was to light up the wings.

And so, by the time I got things together, it was more or less time to meet up with Bruce to pass him the Seaquest Stinger.