Erm........ sometimes, they are very enthusiastic on
doing their homework at the table, you know.

System Installation @ AMODA Part II

Finally, we get to install the system! And as for the cable guy, he just gave some cable trunking to my tech and got him to do his work for him when I was not around. Still, I was not happy with him and he was very very quiet the whole day, in case I want to confront him.

So, as planned, the system was mounted
on the left, near towards the shelves. But
I just hope the customer likes it there.....

I was so happy that I gave the van to my tech and let him
drive back home while I took the Monorail. Then, just as I
stepped out, I remembered that there is a big detour if I
want to get to Sentral. Damn. And its raining some more.

While everyone slogged in the rain, there were a few
enterprising souls who saw the opportunity.

Finally! This is a wonderful sight for me, who, at this
moment in time was a dog-tired, sweating non-stop
and all wet Engineer. You try to carry the heavy
bags and tools halfway across the town and you'll
know how it feels like.

Delling with the situation

Boss: Yo, I got another Laptop for you.
Me: Oh, Hey you don't have to...
Boss: Its for spares. Just use whatever you can to make sure the DELL is OK
Me: .......

I don't know what to day. I just really don't

Although its just another model, I did not have the time to
do anything with it at the moment.