Kaelynn's First nosebleed

When your friend or someone you know is feeling itchy, you'd know it too. Or if they're reeling cold, you'd know it too. Why? Its because they would either tell you they're feeling itchy or cold. But not Kaelynn. Maybe she does not know how to express herself or she just wants to keep it to herself. So, when she is in pain or cold, she'd rather wait for you to ask her instead of her announcing it (depending on her mood, that is). And so, with this hot and hazy weather, the temperature was taking a toll on her.

As she does not like to drink much (barley/coconut) water or take fruits or in any combination to cool her body, its a matter of time before the signs shows.

I had to wet the tissue and shove it up her nose

Unfortunately, she does not understand why it needs
to be done. So, I had to repeat it again and again

It was a shock for me when she came over where
all of us had a bit of family time. Then I noticed a
drop of blood on her pants and I looked up to see
her nose bleeding.

Do your Homework!

"Kristine, do your homework...."

"Hey. I said, do your homework."

"Do... your... homework..."

"I said, do your homework. NOW"

"I mean it. Do your homework!"

"OK. Daddy is going to get the cane already...."

Meanwhile, Kaelynn was on the other room, playing
with the special pen I got for her when we were at
the bookshop as I was looking for some magnets

The pen, which costs me about RM2.40, is designed
for left-handers. Oh, and she wanted me to get her
a ruler too. So I got each girls their own pens and a
ruler (of their own choice)

When I tried it, the pen feels very nice.......

Convenience in a Box

While we're on the way to Seremban, I noticed that my Tech was carrying a very familiar looking case. And so, I thought about it for awhile since there is noting much you can do when the only thing you can do in a van is to sit and think about things, like sitting in a van and think about things. Anyway, I am sure that whatever you do or have, there is always a case or a box for it. And what is better than to have everything you needed, all packed in a case!

For RM18.00, what you have is a JJ Abrams style
cigearette case. Except this time, there is no label
saying "Cigarette Case" in front. What you have is
just a nice little sticker depicting a camel.

Notice the two sliding buttons? Both of them function as
stick ejectors. The ciggies are packed into two rows inside
the case. Oh, BTW, its not all metal. Most of the case it is
just chrome plastic. So, you just slide the botton up,
the blue cover will pop up and you just stick the ciggie
into your mouth.

And not only that, just use your thumb to ignite
the built-in lighter too. You must be careful when
putting the lighter to your face. We do not want
you to burn your eyebrows prematurely.

The black little dot on the far end is to release the metal
cover. Here, you can see how the cigs were aligned and
hence the two sliding buttons. Unfortunately, my Tech
told me that the case can only fit in 10 cancer causing

We're still doing it

After the frame was done, the partition boards arrived.
And so, we bolted them to the frame. The main thing is
to get one side up, then cut the holes as necessary before
sealing everything up. Today, while I was to go out to
see customers, remaining techs were required to assist
in the office renovation.

The trip up North . . . Prai

Boss: The customer in Prai called up. Seems their lines are down.
Me: OK, let me call them to confirm........

[Doot doot... doot doot...] After dialing more than 10 minutes, no one answered, so I had to reach them via their Boss's mobile phone.

Me: Hello, Boss. Heard your lines are down la.
Customer: Yeah, we can't call out and out customers can't call in.
Me: OK, you can call internally or not?
Customer: No la. Everything is out
Me: How about the Sales side?
Customer: Same with them too. Everything out
ME: OK, I'll come as soon as I can. [Click] Boss, confirmed system down
Boss: OK, you go to Prai. Now.

And halfway into the journey, my mobile phone rang and when I saw the Northern area code telephone number .....

Customer: Er, you on the way, ah?
Me: Yep, why? (I know the bad feeling)
Customer: Er, the phones all up again la.
Me: So, you want me to turn back, right?
Custormer: No la, you still need to come because of the credit cards la.
Me: OK, be there as soon as I can.

Stopped by the Sg. Perak R&R. It has undergone
a huge renovation last year. Now, I am not sure
what the design represents. Nothing Malaysian.

Since I was in a rush, I only
noticed the only way in (up)
was through the escalators.
If this is the case, this is bad

I like the way they used natural light as this would
save a lot of energy. But come rain..........

The fruit stalls are still here but I did not look
around much.

The children playground was quite nicely done but
after a second look, it felt as it its a bit too cramped.
And children are going to knock into each other or
other people or worse, the equipment itself if they
start to run around in such a small space.

OK, they also have the pond/water thing so that you
can sit there and contemplate the meaning of this
sick joke of a design.

Since I cannot show you the system or the customer's
place, you'd just have to be content with a random pic

The cause of the problem? I already
know the answer as when I was on
the way to the Phone system, I saw
this door opened. Put two and two
together, you'd also know the "WHY"
But if you do not know the "WHY",
it does not matter, less dead brain
cells for you.

Later in the evening, Loctor and I had dinner at
Jusco. For RM998.00 this aquarium is a very nice
idea. Too bad I cannot have it as the girls are still
too young and they might dump a lot of things in

Forgot what it was but its some ice-coffee.
But man, I tell you, it has some very thick
cocoa in there. Which is quite nice, really.
At the bottom right, is my batang for him
to Wii about.

The rice is quite nice too. I ordered stuffed egg something
and the rice, sadly, has to be ordered separately. Still, I
like the way it was presented. "Yat Kau Fan"........ha ha ha

And so, after not seeing Loctor for months, it was time
to go back to the hustle and bustle of Kay El.

Still, this is my first time to get the 10% discount from
PLUS as I crossed the toll gate eight minutes after 12
midnight (had to stop at some R&R for some nap)