Bored Engineers

So, what do you do when you're bored? Read a book? watch TV? Yadda yadda yadda. Yep, when you're bored, you do boring stuff to reinforce the boredom.

But not me. No, Sir. I could never remember the time I was bored (maybe because I am getting old) because there were a lot of things to play with. Whoever made the idiom, "Idle hands are the Devil's tools" must have seen a bored Engineer up close.

Back in the younger days, when I was bored in the company, I would go over to the washing machine and began to take it apart. I would examine the whole system, made it more efficient and have everything put back by Lunchtime.

Yeah, right.

I mean, which crazy company would buy a washing machine and put it next to a bored Engineer in the office? Its a recipe for disaster and besides that, I made that up. The only true part was the bored Engineer and Lunch. You got to have lunch right? Sure you can forego the Engineer but you must have lunch. It is very important to have lunch. If you do not have lunch, you will go sick and then be absent from work. Which is a bad thing because then, an Engineer who always eats his lunch (and would never get sick) would, in your absence, tinker with the stuff on your table/cubicle/locker/shelves, sorting everything in their alphabetical order or in the most efficient location. And when you return, you'd think you have moved to a mental asylum but its just an upgraded make-over made-over.

And do you know what is worse than a bored Engineer? A drunk and bored Engineer. Have you ever seen a drunk Engineer take things apart? A good Engineer would take things apart and then reconfigure/re-build it to be more efficient. But a drunk Engineer would just take things apart. Full-stop. The excitement is like watching pink paint dry in a girl's changing room on a Sunday midnight.

So, do drunk engineers a favour. Don't let them blog.