Lighting the PKD Part II

It seems that getting a nice file is almost impossible to find in most hardware stores. Either I have a nice quality file but too wide a width or I get a crap file which is just the right size. When I mean crap file, they're just a set of uneven criss crossed lines on a metal bar. But the time I searched the fifth hardware shop, it was no go until the one next to my office offered the so-called jeweler's set which I took it. I could not ask for a jeweler's discount since he did not charge me a jeweler's price. Heh.

Anyway, with some free time tonight, I got started on both the PKD bottom covers. One is metal and the other is light plastic. Tonight's exercise is to get all the holes sorted out and to glue the switch to the metal cover. Oh, and also its going to be my first time to try a JB Weld.

RM8.50 for a set of rusting Made in China
files. But they're quite OK.

So, if I wrap some paper tape onto the handles,
I won't have to get tetanus shots from the Doc.
You'd be surprised at how I can cut myself, even
with an innocent looking file......

As the JB Weld instruction says, clean the surface
from any oil, crap, grime, etc. So I just filed away
the surface of the switch and scraped a bit on the
PKD cover. Strange that this metal scores easily.

Since I did not have anything resembling a spatula
handy, I used the next best thing. No ear wax were
used in this recipe.

And so, I am going to leave it for 24 hours even
though the instructions say 15 hours.

Finally, after locating the right drill bit, I made the
four holes from the "plastic". Strange they *ahem*
gave way so easily. Here is me testing the fit for
the switch and the 3mm LEDs. For the plastic, I
will have to use a different kind of glue, most
probably, another epoxy since I am not
confident enough to use hot-melts here.