Controlling the Fate of others

Sometimes, whenever you do something, you have to think first before actually doing it. Because whatever action you will take would affect the lives or fate of other people around you. You cannot feign ignorance because Karma will dish out the same to you. Not only that, one or twice would not satisfy Fate and you will find yourself on the receiving end more than once.

So, think twice before you act. And do not revel in the feeling that you have control of others's Fate.

Muahahahhahaha! I cannot help you even if I wanted
to. This is your own test and I am just helping to mark

The little girl and her bracelet

Once upon a time, there was a very nice little girl. She lived in a house with her Mommy, Daddy, Grandma and Grandpa. The little girl is also very fond of the cat which came to stay in the house a long time ago. The cat likes her too because she fed it cat food whenever her Mommy lets her. Then one day, the little girl got a gift as a reward for feeding the cat. It was a beautiful and shiny cat-shaped bracelet. She was so proud that she wore it on her wrist the whole day while her little sister wore it on her ankles. But one day, the little girl was not happy.

Because she looked at the back of the pendant and realised her name was not Whiskas.
(OK, so its not true as I told her about Whiskas)

Very hard to photograph the shiny pendant and I had
to use the flash to get it. Oh well........

The white thing on her right hand (your left) is an
orange juice pull-ring. Kristine likes to thing of it
as her ring.

Superglue and Phones don't mix

Customer: Yo, take a look at this phone. It cannot get Line 4
Me: [Look, look, press, press] Aha! Its stuck
Customer: Really? Haih these Chemical Engineers!
Me: Yep, just as I thought. See these marks? Superglue.
Customer: Oh, s**t.
Me: OK, let me have a few days to take a look at it.

See one of the Superglue marks? Even after I submerged
it in water for two days, it won't loosen the glue. Can't use
WD40 or acetone. So, maybe I just have to look and get
the Superglue remover. This sure costs money. But I still
have two choices; either I crack it loose with some knife or
blade or just write it off.

Rear windshield wiper

So, I am back to driving a sedan and one thing I noticed, which often irritates me, are the droplets of water at the rear windshield. If I was driving my Bengmobile, I could swat them off with the rear wiper. However, there is none on a sedan. Covering it with a coat of RainX and hope every bump at the hum (hey, it rhymes!) would shake them off is hopeless. Haih.

Its very dangerous if its raining in the dark and
not only that, the previous owner had it tinted
which makes it hard to see at night.

I wanted to install one like this car but after looking
closely at the reflection o the car, its as if the wiper
is straining the glass. Might crack one day........