Saturday report II

While waiting for the girls to finish their swimming,
I took apart some indicators. They costs RM1.50 or
so. And I am very happy because they can be
converted to use DC voltage and LEDs. Just remove
the bulbs and add in a resistor for the LEDs.

Which casing should I use for the voltage meter?
The one on the right is the right size and is the
same with the other two boxes in my car's dash
but I cannot put any switches. So, I chose left.

Dinner time, where Kaelynn drank to
her heart's content on the watermelon
juice. Yea, we know its all sugar.

Pirates even have cute dogs. But they need constant
fan to keep cool and this is one was very 'naughty' as
it kept taking water from the praying latar instead
of its own drinking bowl at home.

Saturday report Part I

Just before I was allowed to go to Pasar Road,
we had to buy some breakfast for everyone.

This is what Bangsar looks like
at about 0900.

A few mistook the girls for paper vendors
until they saw the sign.

Wahoo! I reached Pasar Road and got most
of my components!

And I wanted to try some SMD components
which is very small. This is a 555 timer.

Passed by some boys looking intently at
some ladies coming down the stairs. The
Nokia 5800 was too slow for me though as
I missed a few good shots. Yes, I am crap

Lunch. Ah, missed this for weeks.

Especially the petai

Mulled a bit on the components as
I rested after lunch. I wanted a much
longer casing but they were out.

Digital Mania in Pudu Plaza has a new look

Loved the setup

Loved the 1/6 scale cameras too

Loved this one but since I don't have
a macro lens, I did not go in to enquire

Bought a nice CD for RM18.00 where they have a lot
of nice 90's songs.