The Orange...

Finally, Kaelynn got the chance to open Mommy's
CNY gift. She has been eyeing these oranges for a
very very long time.

And after a bite, she does not want it anymore.
I know its brittle as it looks more like a biscuit

I picked it up, tasted it and also do not want
it anymore. Its a pineapple flavoured orange

Spongebob Nopants

You know, this is one of those essential items when I need to do some soldering. This is a hard sponge which allows you to wipe off excess solder from the soldering iron tip. Of course, you need to give it a few drops of water so that the iron does not burnt it. There is a proper amount of water you can put because if you put too much, you soldering iron would lose a lot of heat. And because its on a tray, I always lose them when I travel around seeing customers.

But now, all that has changed.

This is a new RM2.00 sponge which took me
three years to get as I always forget about it
when I was at Pasar Road.

You put two drops of water

Then another. See how it greedily eats up
the water and expands

And another

And someother

And more after

Until it is fully expanded. But when it is
dry, it will not shrink back to its original
size. This is its final shape.

And so, I do not have to use wads of damp
tissue paper which always get dry too fast.
And when you knock it, bits of solder inside
would drop about everywhere.

A child's reasoning

Kristine, why did you take so little noodles?
So, I can finish it (as in, not leave any leftovers)

One bad thing about Nokia 5800's camera is
that it takes long time to focus compared to
my Nikon D50. And so, this is what happens
when Kristine cooperates by freezing her for
me and Kaelynn took the opportunity to pinch
her cheeks. Yes, there was a slight fight after
I took the photo.

Why The Malay Mail is free

You all know that the Malay Mail, the afternoon paper is now free, right? You don't? Well, it does not matter anyway. The paper it was today is a former shadow if itself decades ago. Finding bits and pieces on the Internet showed that it suffered losses of about RM11 Million and despite changing owners, its readership declined.

When I was a young teenager, it was my preferred newspaper compared to The News Straits Times (that is, until I discovered The Star). And the Page 3 girls were........ nice. I am not sure what its trying to gain by this but this puts them in a straight competition with The Sun (So now, you get The Sun in the morning and The Mail in the afternoon). The Sun has Citizen Nades, not that I always read it but there is nothing to 'read' in the Mail.

And so, one day, I happened to come across the paper and began to browse through........

This is the date of the copy I had

Woo.....An article about the Perodua Alza Manual!
The write up is quite good from the start but when
it came to the ending..........

WTF! What has a drier got to do with car transmission?
And there verdict is, the manual consumes more petrol?

Wow. This is so confusing. I don't think I am going to touch this paper again.

There is something you should know about OVI Maps

Maybe you know about it already but this is new to me. Maybe its because I do not travel anymore with the new job as I seldom use GPS. But this is something which I noticed one day when I got bored........

OVI Maps displays the distance left
to your destination.

And at 3D option, the closer I zoom in,
I discovered KLCC. Oh, don't try the
Penang Bridge either.

Not all buildings are displayed. For
example, you have the Berjaya
Times Square, and the Pavillion.
But there is no Sungei Wang, Imbi
Plaza nor Low Yatt or Lot10. Hmm...