Something nice from Preview

While at the Comic shop, I was browsing through the Preview magazine/Catalogue/Book-thingy and came across some very interesting times for sale. However, these items are not easy to obtain and the end result is usually more painful or blood-vomiting experience. Yeah, blame it on the Customs.

First off is a very nice figure but do look closer at her weapon

Looks like a NERF Maverick Rev-6 does it not? Will they get sued by Hasbro?

Nice idea but I do not know much about this Deadpool character

Hokaaay... another Hayne's manual. With their Star Trek Enterprise trash, I am not sure if I am interested in this

A very nice Hand gun from the game, Gears of War. It will never get through Customs and if you smart alecks say otherwise, be prepared to pay through the nose.
Speaking of which, the Lawgiver MkII was available too. But i just do not like the grip area. So, I'll pass as I very much prefer the Lawgiver from the Stallone flop.

On the other hand, the Judge helmet is quite nice as this version is very much like the ones you see in the 2000AD comics.

Hasbro Vulture Droid

I am so happy when I got this. All I know was that the price I got it was quite reasonable. Not too expensive when compared to the street prices but OK, la. And it was quite a nice toy too ever since Habsro started to issue new vehicle toys with very good details, which, I secretly catered to the older market. Nowadays, you do not see them with funny obscene rounded or blunt kid-friendly edges but more of accurate movie lines.

And also, I was glad I waited. When the Episode 1 first came out, the only source of these droids were the model kits. The come in a set of three with the appropriate stand and they're not exactly big either. Then the second time was in 2011 when The Outpost was having a final sale where, unfortunately, it was not for sale but as a separate item i.e. It was placed there by an individual seller and the price was just not worth it. Then, it was this time I spotted the toy again, this time at Mid-Valley's Comic shop. And so, I bought it in about 300 hearbeats...

For the box to be this big, it gave the impression that the toy is huge

And with the back photo, the toy seems to be able to transform from Fighter mode to well, Walker mode.

And oh, how I wished I got this too...

Opening the box, this was the only item secured. Yes, I know its a second-hand toy and I am happy to know that none of its missiles has been fired. Chances are, I am going to use them in another way...

This is how the toy looks like straight out from the box

And after some foul language cursing, I got it to stand

The missile fires from under the belly and this area will be filled if I decided to take on the project.

The rear end looks good but at the moment, I cannot locate any big sized thrusters to go with it

These ball joints are what makes the transformation from Fighter to Walker possible

And its also the same ball joint which makes you want to reach for a bottle of glue

Because if you don't, this is what would happen if you touched or even looked at it wrong.

02022012 Headmasters at Amcorp Mall

Just a quick one at the Amcorp Mall. Why I was there, I cannot remember. All I know is that they have some vintage Transformers at the counter, especially the Headmasters series. I liked the headmasters series because of the cute little figures which transforms into the robot's head. When I first heard of it decades ago, it was in the form of some Japanese candy which allows you to build the toy and the figure. But I could not remember if they could transform or not. All I noticed was the head itself. That was my first encounter.

On my second encounter, I missed it because well, I was overseas studying. They had just phased out the Headmasters and planted something awful in its place. You know, the ones where transforming robots hid inside some flexible ugly looking shells.

And so, for the very first time, I am holding a Headmaster in my hands.

I think its name is Duros. And the transforming is simple.

This is the back, where you can see the head being upside down

Bend the legs (painfully) forward and its done

Now Duros becomes Hardhead's head. RM200, please
I was very tempted to get at least one of those toys seeing how much they can get from eBay but my common sense tells me, RM400 for a head and the useless body? No way. And so, this, I think is my third and final encounter for the Headmasters. I try to convince myself that its not worth it.

[Update: 28062012]
Looking back at the photos, sure, its nice but the chrome in the joints have gone and is now rusting

Good Lord, Marvel's Icons Iron Man resprayed. And you know how bad paints sticks to vinyl. And with me having one , the price they're asking for is likely to spoil your day.

Captain Scarlet hidden in there....

So far, the shop is doing well, I think, but...

Here is a new player three floors below...