Magnolia's Mango Mania


I like Mango. A lot. I like mango as much as the next person who loves durians. And I like them fresh. Most of the time, when I ordered a mango juice or ate something with mango in it, its not fresh. Because where artificial flavouring is concerned, the mango flavour is really hopeless.

But the moment you drink a Mango Yogurt drink, its different. The taste feels much richer, and less of those after-taste sourness. Then again, this is not actual mango flavour but its very good. So good that I would say, its worth taking some time getting used to not finish the whole tub in one night. I mean, it was not me who bought it......

And so, Magnolia caught that flavour and turned it
into an RM8.00 ice-cream tub.

At first, looking from the yellow hue, you'd think
this was a corn flavoured ice-cream. Not only is
it hard but the taste is overwhelming. So great
was the taste, it ran over other ice-creams I
mixed it with and turned them into roadkills.

So, for RM8.00, I might consider buying it again. That is, if my sanity ran out first.

Uncle Ben's Burger Babi



Yep. You read that right.


Babi as in Malay for pork. For the non initiated, do not be confused with Barbie, which is actually a very expensive female brain shaping tool (read: Bimbo mind control) and yes, its inedible (read: food poisoning).

And I came across the booth in Ming Tien Foodcourt located in Taman Mayang. Just to see the booth there really caught my by surprise. This is because you hardly see that word pasted so obviously on a sign board in a multicultural 1Malaysia. Not only that, I was surprised that I was surprised being surprised by that fact since I used to be not surprised at all.

And so, as it happens, I was feeling a bit too full since we had some heavy lunch and running out of excuses, I ordered the burger there and then. There is nothing special about this booth, even though it was opened yesterday. I mean, how different can it be if you're so used to Ramly Burgers? The only difference is that I can see two blokes slaving away on a hot grill.

But when I took the first bite, everything changed.

If you have watched the cartoon Ratatouille where there is a scene when the famous food critic Antono Ego first tasted the ratatouille. His first bite took him back to his childhood days, reminding him of the very same dish his mother used to cook. Well, I almost had the same effect. I said almost because at that time, I don't recall eating pork burgers.

But I can tell you this: It is delicious! Compared to burgers from the Clown House, this one just melts in your mouth and yes, you can taste the 1mm thick cheese in there. And the taste, is unlike anything in the World.

Trust me, this is not Uncle Ben.

No, really. This is not Uncle Ben.
Maybe I was expecting a white-
haired old guy with a 2 foot long

This is what I think, was a Porky or something.
I can't remember since I am bow blogging about
it just after 2 weeks. But its the top of the range
in the menu and has three porky slices.

Using a pair of chopsticks to 'align; the patties
back, they just melted. Yes, there is a slight
problem in that their burger tends to lean over.
Which tempts you to eat it with your hands
since using just your mouth is a bit too obscene.

Of course, as a side order, you get a packet of crisps
which I gave it to Kaelynn and as expected, both of
them wanted to fight over it.

New Air Force for the Fighters

With the recent announcement of the Budget, it was already a known fact that spending for National Defense would be cut drastically. After going through numerous tender exercises for the Country's new Air Fighter, the award has been given to a relatively unknown newcomer in the Defense Industry. The main reason was the cost a single aircraft which

Because of various red tapes involved, the aircraft, known
as the F-718, was imported by Lian Aik Toys.

One of the main advantage of this budget aircraft
is that it has an extremely low maintenance cost
and is actually not affected by the World Oil Crisis

The aircraft can be said to be the latest model and is
suitable for various operations. With the pre-installed
blue beacon, this aircraft can also be used to Police
the skies.

As we are all used to tints on our car windows which
has the mandatory 99% UV and 80% IR rejection,
manufacturer has provided the feature at no cost.

With the recent emphasis on Environmental Impact
and Preservation of Life Act, all missiles are now
required to have Leifeform friendly 'pre-warning
GOOTWI' system.

(as in Get Out Of The Way, Idiot!)

The aircraft uses a piston engine and here, you can
see the pistons moving up and down.

Furthermore, in a bid to penetrate the Navy, the
manufacturer also fitted the aircraft with special
propulsion systems which allows the aircraft to
operate in the water as well as in the sky.

In the case of systems malfunction or accidental
exposure to EMP, there is a very effective reset
switch courtesy of the manufacturer.

Another added bonus is that the Aircraft can only
fire missiles during Supersonic speeds demonstrating
the its capabilities. Also, there is a natural design
in the aircraft which reminds the pilot about the
dangers of missile
release during cruising.

However, the Defense Program failed a few years later after it was realised that these aircrafts require pilots who are no more than 75mm tall which is equivalent to a 1/32 scale human model figure. Officials lamented that the failure of the program was attributed to the severe brain-drain in the country which prevented the invention of the shrinking-ray machine.