The RM10.00 gun

I bought this gun near at DaiSheng. This was because I was looking for an electronic toy gun which gives a single shot sound effect but there was none. But eventually, I settled for this model because it looked so nice and also because it was the last one, the lady let me have it for RM10.00.

Also, there was a robbery while I was there too. Apparently, the Wife of the robber first walked in, saw what she wanted and then left. Then the robber came in and tried to steal it. One of the frequent customer saw the act and just told the Manger in a slightly louder tone (in cantonese, of course) so as not to alarm the robber. What happened next was typical Petaling Street where they cornered him, gave him some whacks and so on. All done in a very normal hush-hush way. What was so interesting was they way the robber acted. Maybe he did it for his Wife (or kid) but I did not think he expected to be caught.

Anyway, this is the gun which I got. The
scope and the bottom attachment can be
removed. Yes, there is a defect in the
sense that the small plastic part was
missing. Still, I am not so particular.

As usual, the girls loved it

Luckily, at this age, they were not fighting
over the gun like they did with other things
because Mommy would ban guns, then.