Reversed bang

Of all the @%$#!!!!

Suffice to say, I got into an accident. And vee-Chai is just a year old!

It happened when My Dad wanted to buy some boxed tissue paper and so, I decided to take him. I know he's worried about my Mom and all and so, its safer to drive him there. And so, while we were there, my Dad spotted a potential parking spot after we drove past it. Potential as in the car in that spot is about to leave.

So, against my better judgement, I actually listened to him and reversed my car to that potential spot since a quick glance showed no car behind us. Somehow, before I know it, the car reversed and hit into Vee-Chai. We were sort of panicked and because of that, for a few moments, I forgot the car uses Automatic gear and tried to 'shift' to first which as you know, failed. what the car did was to stop moving despite my pressing on the gas. And so, before you know it, I was watching the car reverse into the read passenger door.

And so, being a Lady who drives a big expensive car, she claimed it was my fault. I literally screamed all over the place because I too, was very stressed up with all the Hospital things lately. In the end, I went to SOP mode, exchanged details and drove off. Once I get the tissue paper my Dad  needs, I plan to make the Police report asap.

And my Dad, being so obsessed with my Mom's condition and his weird sense of thinking, blames the Lady Driver too. I for once in my Life (that I can remember) scolded him that is was MY fault for listening to him. I scolded him because I do not like his ways of last minute decision making as I know its not compatible with me. I mean, once you have made your plan, stick to it and not change it because you either felt like it or thinks conditions have changed. He sort of kept quite for a while.

As for that lady, through our info, she came to our house minutes after we came back. She offered to pay for the damage since her Husband was in the Hospital too and she could not go to the Insurance. WTF. Lady, I don't care if you look beautiful or pitiful. I don't like to deal with people like you.If you can drive that expensive Porsche, you have the means to settle this the LEGAL way.

In the end, my Wife took over since I was really in a foul mood and in no condition to speak further. This was also the first time I turned my back to a woman.