The JJ Tricorder Project Pt 3

After transferring the sticker to an acetate, I had it photocopied as I will need one as a template to cut the holes for the LEDs. Initially, I wanted to cut the whole fascia but after seeing how weak the plastic was, I changed my mind. Not only that, there were some problems such as screw holes which was moulded into the plastic area concerned.

Cut the template out carefully, and then stick
some double-sided tape underneath. Now go
and position the template onto the plastic and
make sure you know which side is up. He he.

This is the problem I am going to face. First is, when
I cut the hole for the five horizontal LEDs, I would be
affecting the area where the green switch is sitting. So
I would need to use some strong glue to replace the
broken plastic that was used to secure it. Second, see
the red wires all rolled up there? I would be removing
this plastic pillar too. And this will be bad news because
its the pillar used by one of the screws to secure the
toy Tricorder. In fact, the second pillar in the middle
would be cut as well. This is going to be very difficult.

Once again, this is another picture to see how cramped
the circuit must be. If I want to do this properly, I will
have to use Surface mount components which is very
expensive since I would be making only one prototype

Naked girl dancing

Yeah, first, we had trouble getting her to take bath.
Now, we have trouble getting her to wear clothes.

Girls in Bed

"OK, Daddy's going to take pictures again. This time,
I frown and you smile, got it?"

"Keep Smiling. Let me get into the frowning mood......"

"Here we go. See me frown."
"Hee hee hee hee"

"Oh, stop laughing! I can't keep my serious frowning anymore!"
"Ka ka ka ka ka ka ka!"

"OK, let me do the tongue thing, then."

"Darn it! I look so silly doing this!"

"Its so embarrassing"

The Tough Toshiba Phone (revisited)

This phone has been lying under my desk for years and now, the moment has arrived. I first got it years ago and never had the chance to check it thoroughly. Why did I want this phone? Because it survived a fire. And best of all, it still works!

As my technical room is now ready, what better excuse than to get it out and use it? Of course, I am not going to use the phone in the normal way but to let it sit upright as its design allows you to wall mount the phone by just twisting the base.

After four years, the phone still looks good. Much
better than the current 2008 design which has a
silver shade on the LCD area.

But the plastic cover (on the right) has to be taken
out since it was so warped, its making some of the
buttons there stuck. But thank goodness the LCD
screen still works. Oh, note the top four buttons

The buttons here are OK, I was tempted to turn some
of them in different angles but then, it would make the
phone look stupid this way. I mean, it has survived a
fire but at least it still look dignified and not mental.

The fire was quite big, I presume because most of the
ash did go into the circuit board but I am not going to
clean it, as this would be proof of its toughness.

Obviously, I suspect that the speaker grill is the
main entry point for the ash as the other side is
looked quite clogged up.

I had to sand the top four buttons in such a way
that the warped top is not taken off. These are
the main reason why the phone was not working
as they were so warped, they got stuck and so,
this stopped the phone from recognising other
button presses.