Some LED ideas

Finally, I have some breathing space! So, the cogs in my mind was running loose and came up with a lighting idea. This was because I had bought one of those Mechanical Bases from Infinite Creation Workshop sometime ago, during its 1st year Anniversary Sale. The thing is, lighting for a small scale diorama is not that difficult. It is only so when you start to think that all the lights must be bright. Because at that scale, of say, 1/100, even the brightest spotlight would be very dim if we were to view this from our eye-view.

This is a 3mm White LED. For a 1/100 human,
this is like a Bat-Signal type of spotlight.

Notice that these bases have pre-made holes which,
coincidence, fits the 3mm LEDs snugly.

But we are more interested in fitting it from the
and so, with a little drill bit, its done. But
if you want to have the LED 'pop' out onto the
surface, just file the new 'LED holder' away.

And now, if you want the light to be directed to the
floor level, just get a clear plastic rod shaped like a
prism. If you know your Science, this prism would
reflect the light of the LED at a 90ยบ angle. You can
use an aluminum tape and/or sand the reflective
area to increase its brightness.

And whoa... hey.... even the Kotobukiya's MW20
Gatling gun is giving me ideas....