Souvenir from Rantau Panjang

This it the stuff i got from Rantau Panjang
There were Chicken, BBQ, Shrimp, Chocolate, and Coconut.
You can buy three for RM11.
So I got Shrimp, BBQ and Chicken

Once we opened Chicken Flavour, Kristine loved it to bits
and wouldn't let go

Even when Kaelynn is crying her eyes out

The Package from UK II

Hooray! The second package has arrived! When I came home about 2030, I found the (usual) card left by the postman since he could not wait for my Wife to find the keys to open the door, no thanks to Kristine. Anyway, since the card says the Post Office closes at 2100 (yes, really) I rushed over to collect my package. And my Wife had to put my rice back to the cooker until I came back. Woo hoo!

Ah Lun would be so happy (coded message to you know who you are)

Everything is here!

But I was too tired to start anything by the time both kids
were asleep