They play my Nokia anywhere

[13032010 1355]

These girls, I tell you. They love to play my Nokia 5800 anytime, anywhere. And just so happens, during lunchtime, I stuck the phone on to the fridge since the casing has magnets on it. And before you know it, the girls moved a chair over and hogged the whole fridge.........

What started out as just a simple
act of placing my Nokia 5800 on
a metallic surface has..........

.....Turned them into Fridge Guardians.
No one else can have ice cubes until
they (or the phone ran out of battery)
are finished with it.

And this is even more ridiculous; playing games
on a fridge. I suppose, it they knew how to use
the Web Browser, they won't even stay away
even during dinner time. You know, sticking a
Nokia there has just turned the fridge into a
multimedia/Internet enabled device.......

And once I removed the phone, they played
with the fish 'screen savers' instead

Weird Dreams

This morning, for no apparent reason, I dreamt that the ex-Director of my previous company came back and my Boss let him in, treating things like normal as if he was never 'kicked' out. But what is weird is that he brought with him ex-technicians from another dealer whom we both knew. My technicians were huddled in one table, looking lost as the technicians were technically more experienced.


I was a visiting guest.

So, what does this dream mean? I have no idea except that I woke up with a sore back from all the rubbish/sweeping every 3 minutes yesterday. All full eight hours of it.