Wire wrapping wires

OK, after getting my salary this week, I rushed out and got these. Its been too long. Ever since I discovered them long ago, they have been a boon to my projects. Small enough to fit in cramped spaces and still good enough to deliver the required power, these wire-wrapping wires are lifesavers. But because they're so thin, just a few yanks would have severed it. The wire is essentially a single strand coated with a plastic sheath. If you were to strip it like a normal wire, either by using a wire stripper or just a sharp blade, its guaranteed to snap later when you have sealed or screwed your project box tight. This is because the blade of the cutter can easily make a dent to the cable which in turn, becomes the weakest point. So, the only way this time, is to carefully melt the plastic. The melted plastic would then cool and harden which you can then just pull it off with your finger, provided you do it fast enough.

So, for RM10.00 each, I only have enough for a red
and a black spool. Yes, I have learnt my lesson of
buying a single colour when doing a complicated
project which has a lot of connections. Its fine if
you can concentrate. But when you're married
and have children running and shouting about,
the chances of getting a wrong connection is high.
Years ago, I bought a green one which costs me
about RM24.00. Ouch.

And what am I going to use these wires for this time?
Here's a sneak preview!

An empty victory

So you think you've won, eh? Wearing down Mommy
until she leaves. And so, you do not need to do your
homework. And what Victory is this? Do you know
what the long term effects are? Do you? Naughty!

Hit the Hut!

On a fine Sunday such as this day, there was a lot of fine things to do.
Such as when my fine wife asked me a question, and I replied it finely.

Wife: Let's have lunch
Me: Fine
Wife: How about Pizza?
Me: Fine
Wife: Fine
Me: Fine
By the time we arrived, the paella was
not in the menu anymore and so,
we chose spaghetti instead.

This was Pizza Hut's promotion
about some thing which I forgot.
The only thing I can remember
was that I did not get to taste
paella, whatever that is. So we
had to change to something else.

Actually, truth to be told, because Streamyx has so
much problem logging on, by the time I go through
this post, I have forgotten what I wanted to post.

So, by the time you read this,
this post is already weeks old.
So, thanks to Streamyx which
is really gone downhill now.

And I still cannot remember what we ate
at the Hut, only thing is I really really
missed the paella. Paella. Paella. Well,
no point remembering it because after
four hours, it'll come out from your body
as shit and completely forgotten.