My sparkly bit

I had the opportunity to see one of my circuits again. This time, from the actual customer who brought it to ICW. He was very happy with it and well, this makes me happy too. What made me happier was the fact that I could get this circuit out within two days since by coincidence, I had a spare.

And he was testing it for more than a few days which is still going strong.
I cannot tell you more about what he is going to do with it since its for an upcoming model competition.

The things you can do in 28 minutes

My new daily routine now, which is, after I have driven Kristine to school and put the laundry out to dry, is to read my emails and also, to catch up on my electronic designs.

That is, if I wanted to. But today, I decided to try something else. Something which I should have done weeks ago but never did.

Yep. Deep cleaning my shaver with a pair of tweezers. It must be done within a stipulated time or else I would show up at my friend's place looking unshaven, as if I had not shaved that morning. Ha ha ha.
Knocking and shaking the shaver about is fine but it would not get most of the hair and other weird bits out. You need to clean the area around the spindle as these would create friction which easily exhausts the batteries. One day, I would like to open the whole shaver, and then dip it in a RM90.00 ultra-sonic cleaner...

(Yes, that is how much I need to pay to get one)