Who said Miniature Hobby was closed?


While I was at Hobby HQ, I overheard the latest news that MH is not closed but opens on weekends. The reason why it closed was because they could not find a replacement staff to take over the current staff who just resigned. So, they got back one of the former staff to help out, a girl by the name of Mandy. And her other male colleague? For the moment, lets call him Manly. And so, with nothing much else, I decided to hop over there asap. ASAP as in, just as soon as I can think up of an excuse to go to that area where a parking space is a figment of your imagination.

MH was not always my first choice for Model Shops ever since Kenny stopped working there long ago. It was also not my first choice even when it shifted from 1-Utama to Mid-Valley. It was still not my first choice when shifted to Section 14 PJ where I used to work nearby. And its still not my first choice when it shifted again to where it is now, in Jalan Merlimau.

To me, MH is like 7-11. You take it for granted when it is there. And usually, when you go in, unless there is something you specifically need, you end up coming out empty-handed. At the same time, you're happy that its just.... there.

OK, until further notice, they are only opened
on weekends. But this is not the good news I
am looking for.

Yep. I came all the way to see this.

And surprisingly, when I was there, they
were receiving new stocks and most of
the boxes are all over the place.

I am so tempted to buy this, the ultimate RM400
model kit of the Titanic

The details on that model is enough to make even an
anal modeller go nuts. Just look at all the photo
etch parts and the wooden details.

And surprisingly, I actually bought something!
a 1/48 Messerschmitt and a 1/350 model of a
Helicopter. And the Rm1,000,000 question?

I don't even know why I bought them. OK?