You know, I really have to stop going to Hobby HQ soon. Everytime I go there, 80% of time I leave with something in my hands while my wallet was still screaming in the pockets. But then with a discount close to almost half, who can resist?

This is a 1/48th scale Helicopter and it
has a lot of parts which I can use it to
make things...

...things other than what is shown in the
instruction sheet or on the box, that is.

So, why did I buy it? Well, this kit in particular,
has a lot of spare parts. For instance, you have
a pair of pilots in tan.

And if you don' t like them, there is another
set in gray. Actually, this Helicopter is used
in a lot of roles and so, what this Academy
did was to create a generic model and then
add in the 'extra' parts or sprue for a
particular version. I am just happy that I
have four pilots instead of two.

The next one is a SR-71 Black Bird which, in
real life, has been retired. But because of the
price and tie size of the model, I simply must
have one. Already I have ideas for it and yes,
it has nothing to do with just being a plane.

Just the shape of the model alone, it is
already 50cm!

And the details for this model is quite nice.
Not that I care anyway, when I am done
with it. If it ever gets done....

Busy Saturday 16042011

I know that today is going to be a very busy day since it involves SFTPMS members. But I never realised how busy it was going to be. First of all, it rained the whole morning. OK, so, this is going to put a damper to some of the member's plans and also, my schedule. But first thing first. Wife is sick and still, she wanted to do some errands. Being a very loyal and dutiful husband *ahem*, I drove her around. But I still cannot get her to go see the Doctor. And if I am going to be late, then late it is. Sorry, guys.

First entertainment of the day, watching the Scouts
performed their parade routine in the
drizzling rain. I
was secretly hoping there
would be some cheerleaders
and fireworks
but well, this, after all, is Saturday
in a public School.

Then the rain got heavier and everyone went into the
shade. By this time, it was past 1030....

By 1100, my Wife was ready to leave and I was
ready to go... to the Library. Yes, Library.
Never ever make a Librarian go after you for
your overdue books.

Once that is done, I rushed over to Pasar Road as fast as I legally could and well, Viper was already there, with his son. Originally, there was supposed to be only one session but because I was too excited since the PCB boards were ready, I suggested the 10Am instead. Unfortunately, the response from the Forum was not fast enough and so, because of that, I had to conduct two sessions. One is the 10AM and the second one is the 2PM. After showing Viper around the place and helped him get his tools. It was already 1230PM. And so, we bade farewell and after some very deep thinking, I realised that there was something missing....

Yep. Lunch

And it is still raining. I has been raining since 10 in the
morning. And carrying an umbrella all over
the place
is not fun for me since I could forget and
left it on
some place which I will never find it. And
its raining, its a very precious commodity.

Ah, lunch. Something simple since I do not want
to eat anything heavy and fall asleep halfway...

And its still only 1315. Boring

The second session had a much better turnout since
the rain has stopped and also, most of the people
would have finished working. And so, on the
group purchase, we saved a lot of cash.

Unfortunately, I was 10 minutes too late and the shop was closed which means I could not collect the PCBs and have a go at it myself. And now, after speaking with one of the members, I have to go to Hobby HQ to collect the projector. Mr. Loo was kind enough to loan the projector to the club for its functions and so, I need to collect it since I want to test its composite video input.

I am a robot....

What a shocker for me. I dreamt I was some kind of robot or with some mechanical prosthetics. It was a bit fuzzy but there was a robot theme in the dream. Then I had to wake up to take a pee since I drank a lot of water a few hours ago and I saw this....

An opening hatch!

I mean, hey, at three in the morning, anything can happen. It dawned on me that I was sleeping ont he floor so that my Wife who is sick has more space in the bed and my leg somehow pressed against a loose wooden tile. OK, the truth was, I dozed off on the floor while waiting for a certain SMS replay from a certain person whose auto-gate was not working.