The Wonders of Digital Photography

- You can take as much pictures your memory card can store
- You can erase crap pictures on the spot
- You can tell the camera shop where to go when you need pictures at 4AM in the morning
- You can send the pictures to your Aunt in Australia or Burgundia faster than a Fax machine
- You can use your computer and do weird stuff to your pictures faster than the old man in the photograhpy studio
- You can let half the World see your ugly mug by the time you finish your breakfast

- You cannot fax your memory card
- The photos you upload can be copied and recreated. Then your Aunt in Bungkustan would SMS you and asks you about the unusually long dick on your forehead
- You cannot answer your friends why were you dancing naked with a dog on Youtube
- Same as to why you suddenly have Blue mustache and eyebrows on your Avatar
- If you have a crappy 10-Megapixel camera, you will have a crappy 10-Megapixel photo
- Photoshop can do wonders which you have never suspected of using
- People will never believe you when you say, "I developed this Black and White photo in my own darkroom studio using masking techniques, etc."
- People will also never believe you when you say, "I used Photoshop to make myself look thinner."
- People will obviously never believe you when you say, "I bought an original copy of Photoshop"

24 floors up.....

Its cleaning up time again. As usual. When it came to installing the CCTV system, we were quite OK. However, when it came to the lifts, we have a problem. Since we're not qualified to lay cables in a lift, we told the customer who in turn engaged the "usual" lift guy to do it.

Later on, we found out that this guy also have some dispute with the customer and so he left them there and then. Which is fine for us because the cables have already been laid and everyone is happy except for him.

Fast forward one year later, there is a problem. Seems like one of the lifts have a problem with the CCTV. Whenever it goes down to the lowest floor, the image is gone. And so, we called the customer who this time, called the right guys to help us. And so, after inspecting the cables, we told the customer that they need to be laid again. Who will do it, is one question and how its done, is another. But this time, we're confident (as long as the lift guys are around) of doing it ourselves.

We went to the topmost floor, where
we got out and the lift guy then did
something to the panel where the lift
doors closed. When he opened it again,
the lift is one floor below. And so, our
technicians got on top. I was too scared
to do that and so, stayed outside.

This is the roof of the lift they're standing on.
See the five cables in the middle?

They are the ones holding the lift, making it go
up and down on every floor, and also supporting
everyone's weight.

When we looked up on the ceiling, we saw the CCTV
cable and how it was fastened. So, we can follow the
same method but in our own way. After talking to
my Boss, there are a few theories how it failed.....