ISD 2560

Since I took the day off today, I decided to drop by my favourite electronic shop in Pasar Road. And lo and behold! The ISD2560 chip is here! But the HT chip is not because it is hard to get when the minimum order was 100 pieces which would have cost me about more than a thousand ringgit. Then, what would I do with 100 pieces when I only wanted 10 or so?

Anyway, the ISD2560 is now a bit obsolete but I wanted it because of the Phaser Rifle project (yes, I am still doing it but at tortoise pace, la). This is the chip that can record and playback sounds for about 60 seconds. Although the phaser rifle sound is less than a second or so, there would be unused 58 seconds in there. I wanted the ISD14XXX series where you can record separate sounds and use a microcontroller to select and play them. Still, this ISD is a good start and I only got two pieces (due to cash flow problems) because they only had three.

Lets see what I can do with it for the next few weeks