Deadly accident

At this time of the day(Monday, lunchour), it was unusual to have a massive jam. Coming out form Jalan Sultan Ismail and onto the Jalan Kuching, there was a big traffic jam. The only thing that could cause this apart from naked femals (it won't happen here), some animal on the loose (nor this) or an accident. Because it was a two lane road, all it take is just one incident and it would cause havoc on the road.

This is so serious, even the eletronic sign says, "Kemalangan di hadapan.
Lorong Kanan terhalang" (Accident ahead. Right lane bloacked)

By the time I reached the spot, there were some Policemen controlling the
traffic. But one look at the curious motorcyclists standing on the grassy
divider tells the whole story. They were looking at a body covered in some
aluminum sheet with blood on the road. At this time, I don't feel like taking
anymore shots......